16 Health Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil


Benzoin Essential oil is golden colored thick, aromatic oil which you obtain from Benzoin tree, scientifically popular as Styrax Benzoin. This oil provides you lots of health benefits which is why it is widely used for several medicinal purposes. Pleasant vanilla fragrance of the oil is unique feature of the oil. This oil is highly beneficial for improving your physical as well as psychological health. It carries therapeutic and medicinal significance from ancient times as has been in use for several religious ceremonies. So, you should know prominent health benefits of benzoin essential oil.

Find Below Some Common Health Benefits Of Benzoin Essential Oil

Heals Wounds

Vulnerary effects of benzoin essential oil safeguard your wounds from harmful infections and promote healing of your injuries and wounds effectively. This oil has been in use to treat wounds since ancient times as its remains are discovered from several oil civilizations.


Combats Depression

Benzoin essential oil uplifts your mood, boosts your spirits, and helps you fight the symptoms of depression. Molecules in this oil when inhaled influence your brain positively and triggers your nervous center making you feel better and warmer than usual. It improves your heart health and circulation of your blood substantially.


Tightens Your Gums

This oil is also beneficial for good health of your gums. When you mix benzoin essential oil with usual water and use it as mouthwash, it helps strengthen your gums effectively and prevents the troubles resulting due to loose gums.


Delays Aging

Astringent properties of benzoin essential oil tone up your skin and muscles, minimizes the development of wrinkles on your skin, and improves your complexion and appearance. Thus, this oil delays aging.


Treats Skin Ailments

Anti-inflammatory effects of benzoin essential oil minimize inflammation resulting due to skin ailments to a great extent. It treats skin rashes, chicken pox, skin eruptions, and other skin problems effectively.


Promotes Digestion

Benzoin essential oil is highly beneficial for promoting smooth digestion. Its medicinal properties help soothe inflammation in your digestive tract resulting due to excess consumption of spicy foods. Also, this oil helps prevent the risk of several digestive disorders effectively.


Detox Your Body

Benzoin essential oil contains diuretic properties which help promote urination quantity as well as frequency. Thus, it aids in removing toxins from your blood through urine. Also, urination helps reduce your blood pressure, improves digestion, and promotes weight loss.

Blood Pressure

Provides Expectorant Effects

Benzoin essential oil provides your expectorant effects and helps in eliminating cough from your respiratory system, lungs, bronchi, and trachea. It promotes easy breathing and helps relieve congestion. Its tranquilizing effects help induce sound sleep in individual who cannot sleep due to troubles resulting due to cough and cold.

Improves Cough

Treat Flatulence

Anti-flatulent and carminative effects of benzoin essential oil help you to get rid of abdominal and intestinal gases. This provides you relaxing effects and minimizes stress on your abdomen.

 Abdominal gas


Antisepctic and disinfectant properties of benzoin essential oil helps in eliminating bacteria, fungi, and viral substances from your body. This oil helps prevents the risk of sepsis when you apply it on the affected skin. It helps disinfect your body from harmful germs.


Relieves Arthritis

Anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic properties of benzoin essential oil help you have great relief from the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. All you need to do is apply this oil externally and benzyl components are easily absorbed in through your skin pores. So, it is a key element of several anti-arthritic balms.


Relaxes Your Muscles

Benzoin oil acts as an effective muscle relaxant. It helps relax your abdominal muscles significantly and improves their strength. Also, this oil is highly beneficial in increasing the core strength of your body to a great extent.


Mitigates Acidity

The use of benzoin essential oil prevents the formation of acid in your intestine and stomach and safeguards you from the health hazards resulting due to acidity.


Improves Your Appetite

Benzoin essential oil is highly effective in increasing your appetite. Lack of appetite can lead to poor nutrition, health issues, and malnutrition. Using this oil help you have appropriate appetite. Carminative effects of it help feel hungry timely which helps you improve your food and nutritional intake.


Regulates Diabetes

Benzoin essential oil helps you in controlling your blood glucose levels. It stimulates the secretion of hormone insulin from your endocrine glands and helps minimize your high blood glucose levels. Thus, it helps you regulate your diabetes effectively.

Treats Diabetes

Aids Body Metabolism

Smooth body metabolism helps you keep several ailments at bay. Benzoin essential oil improves your metabolism by stimulating the secretion of vital enzymes and hormones from you pancreas. So, it helps you enjoy good health and maintain a fit body.

Improved Metabolism

Now that you know all prominent health benefits of benzoin essential oil, you can use it appropriately and stay fit and active always.