16 Benefits Of Citronella Oil For Skin, Hair And Health


Benefits Of Citronella Oil For Skin, Hair And Health

Citronella is a type of grass which has rich lemon aroma. It is mostly available in some Asian countries and in few islands of the South Pacific. It contains few healing properties, such as, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, deodorant, diaphoretic, insect nauseating, stimulating. Citronella is used as an essential oil. The main manufacturers of this oil are China and Indonesia. But few Asian, Latin American and African countries are also manufactures this oil in smaller amount. This essential oil has medicinal value. Its most common use is flavouring in beverages and foods. But always be careful when you are using this oil to cure illnesses. This medicinal oil can create irritation and allergies on your skin. Never use this oil directly on the skin of a child. If you are pregnant then stay away from this oil.

Here Are 16 Benefits Of Citronella Oil For Skin, Hair And Health


This oil has methyl isoeugenol and few other components. These components fight against bacteria and protect the body from further attack. It is effective to treat infectious wounds. It is also good for stomach, intestine, urinary, prostate, kidneys, bladder and colon.

Prevents Bacterial Growth


In this busy world, depression and stress is usual. This oil is significantly helps you to fight against the depression, anxiety and sadness and with the negative thoughts. The strong lemony fragrance of the oil helps you to be positive as well as hopeful.



Citronella essential oil contains few antiseptic elements which have the power to cure infections of urinary tract, urethra, kidney and prostate. At the same time it protects you from developing sepsis.



Sometimes inflammation occurs due to the reaction of drugs, spicy food and excessive consumption of alcohol, or due to any severe disease in the body. This oil eases the inflammation. It cures inflammation in liver, stomach, intestines and other organs which are related to the digestive system.


Antispasmodic Benefit

The essential oil relieves spasms of the respiratory system, nervous system and muscles. It also heels the cramps of menstrual spasms.



This oil has hard and rich lemon flavour fragrance which is used as a deodorant to eliminate sweating smell of the body. The oil is extensively used in deodorants and in body spray. You can also mix few drops of oil into your bath water to be fresh and remove the body smell. But never use this oil too much to avoid skin irritation.



The diaphoretic properties of the oil increase sweating in order to remove toxins, salts, water and fat from the body. This way it helps you to keep your skin healthy and reduces fever as well.



This oil increases the frequency and the amount of urination. It helps you to flushes out toxins and wastes from your body. You will eliminate uric acid, excess bile, acids, salts, water and fats. This process is beneficiary for improve digestion, reduce weight, eliminate infections, reduce the chances of arthritis and protect the healthy heart.


Reduce Body Temperature

This oil reduces the body temperature in fever. It increases sweating, decreases inflammation and the antimicrobial properties fight against infections.


Destroy Fungus

This oil effectively kills fungus and fungal growth. It is a very curing oil and heels ear, nose and throat infections. The oil also demolishes the fungal infections in other parts of your body.

fungal infection

Kill Insect

The strong smell of this oil keeps away or kills all kind of insects. This oil is effective for mosquitoes, lice, flies and rats. You can use this oil at your home to kill insects.

Kill Insect

Treat Stomach

The medicinal oil treats various infections of the stomach and gives relieve from other digestive problems. The oil encourages the digestive system and clears the stomach. You can use it to heel cramps and pain.


Stimulating Benefit

The citronella oil stimulates blood circulation, discharges hormones and helps you to boost your immune system and metabolism of the body. You can use this oil regularly for your good health.

Improves Blood Circulation


The citronella oil has few toning effect. It eases digestion and tones up the brain and nervous system.

Keeps Nervous System Healthy

Kills Intestinal Worms

This medicinal oil effectively kills the worms of intestine. These round worms and tape worms absorb all the nutrients of the body. They barred the physical and mental growth. Children are easy prey of these worms. So give mild doses of this oil to the children.

Kills Intestinal Worms

Other Benefit

This oil has various qualities to treat several problems of oily skin, oily hair, headache, tiredness, abdominal cramps due to gas, migraine, colitis etc.