15 Uses And Benefits Of Safrole Oil


Safrole Oil

Safrole oil was originated in North America and eastern Asia. This plant is very unique and is a spice used to add aroma and flavors to food. The leaves, roots, barks or flowers of the plant, all the parts plays roles.

Here Are 15 Uses And Benefits Of Safrole Oil To Be Known

Improves Damaged Skin

Anyone can use safrole oil for massaging the body. It helps in healing some broken skin as well as rashes. A quite simple and healthy massage on affected area renews any damaged skin on the body within no time. It is quite helpful for the treatment of blemishes and other various skin issues.

damaged skin

Removes Toxins

Safrole oil is blood purifier and also acts as thinner. Prepare a tea, then use a bit of safrole root or the bark and mix it, this helps to flush away the toxins from the body. This is further helpful to treat and reduce the problem of blood pressure due to diuretic properties present in them.

Cleanses Body Toxins

Relief From Pain

This oil helps in getting relief from any rheumatic pain. Apply this oil over joints externally regularly for 30 to 40 days and this helps to get rid of pain and gives relief to body as well as to joints to any body parts.

Leg Pain

Heal Wounds

The oil has many uses for the skin. It has natural characteristics that helps in getting the skin supple. It has variety of antimicrobial properties which cures the ailments on skin like wounds, cuts, acne or bruises. It can also be efficiently used for relieving pain caused from some insect bites.



This is actually the massage of the body especially that are related to face with the help of fragrant oils which gets extracted from flowers, herbs and fruits. This is also used in the form of nice perfumes.


Medicinal Properties

This oil has numerous medicinal properties. It is further used for various purposes of medicines. Mix few drops of oil in a glass that contains water. Then drink it and this will help in the treatment of any kinds of high fever and further decreases the menstrual pain. It is also used by people who are suffering from any kinds of eye inflammation.


Strengthens Liver

Studies shows that the oil treats acne and various other ailments that are related to skin. It accomplishes the technique through strengthening of the liver. The liver then flushes out excess of the toxins from one’s body. It further fortifies the liver and also helps in curing pimple, acne and many other problems that are skin related.



This oil from safrole is also used as much useable antiseptic since ancient times and is also a nice antimicrobial extract. This contains many kinds of antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties inside it. Hence, is used as a medicine.

Antiseptic Properties

Relief From Tooth Decay

This oil helps in getting relief from tooth decay. Use a cotton and dip it in this oil and apply all over the affected area. This helps in getting pain relief and improves the teeth and make it much healthier.

Tooth decay

Used To Prevent Fever

When consumed in high doses in helps in reducing fever, soothes the chronic rheumatism, dropsy and gout, relieves eye inflammation; eases menstrual as well as parturition pain, helps in curing scurvy as well as many skin conditions.


Nutritional Value

The safrole oil is also used as a cooking agent and is used in making certain kinds of food. Its nutritional value helps in gaining nutrients in the food.

Nutritional Value

Improves Immune System

Regular consumption of safrole oil early morning helps in improving the immune system and keeping the infection caused by virus and bacteria away from the body.

Immune System

Gains Energy

Safrole oil has more amount of nutrients and vitamins. Hence, it acts as a boosting agent of energy.

Energy Booster


It provides relief from inflammations. This quality of safrole oil helps to make it an effective anti-rheumatic material.



Safrole oil contains huge amount of Vitamin A and C and is a very powerful antioxidant. It removes free radicals that are present in skin. It removes the wrinkles by consuming one cup of safrole oil every day.


Apart from the various safety concerns, this oil is also used to treat the urinary disorders, cancer, skin problems, swelling in the throat or nose, arthritis, bronchitis etc. This is further useful as a tonic and helps purify blood. The essential oils are generally extracted from the roots as they comprises of oil in very high concentration. It is available anywhere in stores.