15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dates

15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates are widely known for their sweet taste and health benefits. This sweet dry fruit is great source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and K, protein and dietary fiber. Dates are cholesterol free and also low in terms of fat. Along with this dry fruit is also rich in minerals as it contains high amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and manganese. Flavonoids, pantothenic acid and choline are also found in dates. Due to presence of tannins (flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants), dates possess anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and anti-hemorrhagic properties. Read on to know more about various health benefits of dates.

Here Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates:

Energy Booster

Packed with healthy nutrients, dates are superb energy booster. Dates provide a good amount of healthy nutrients with glucose, fructose and sucrose that help increase energy level in the body.

Enhances Energy Levels


With high content of magnesium, dates possess beneficial anti-inflammatory properties that help ease out inflammation. As per studies, it has also been proved that increased intake of magnesium is helpful in reducing inflammation.

Reduces Inflammation

Controls Cholesterol

Dates are cholesterol free and works best when it comes to control LDL cholesterol level. Due to high potassium content with low fat, regular consumption of dates is helpful in lowering down LDL cholesterol.

Lower Down Cholesterol

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

High content of potassium found in dates help in regulating heart rate. Dates improve cardiovascular health as well as prevent strokes and coronary heart problems.

Heart Damage

Cures Iron-deficiency And Anemia

Being an excellent source of iron, dates are effective in curing iron deficiency or anemia. It provides proper amount of iron to the body that helps in formation of hemoglobin. It further helps in treating problem of anemia.


Treats Constipation

Being high in dietary fiber, dates act as good laxative and helps treat constipation effectively. Soak dates in water for overnight and then consume next morning with water to get proper results.


Lowers High Blood Pressure

Dates are rich in magnesium and potassium that are beneficial for treating problem of high blood pressure. It lower down rising blood pressure and maintain healthy functioning of the heart.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Promotes Colon Health

Dates contain high content of soluble and insoluble fiber that play vital role in promoting colon health. Fiber is essential for maintaining regular bowel movements. This fruit also allows colon to work easily and clean out entire gastrointestinal system. Regular intake of dates can also reduce risk of colitis and colon cancer.

Good For Colon Health

Liver Protection

Damaged liver may cause various health problems as liver is mainly responsible for filtering waste products from blood. Dates are good at protecting liver from damage and reduce risk of liver fibrosis.

Liver Protection

Supports Healthy Pregnancy And Delivery

Dates also support healthy pregnancy and delivery. As per various researches, it has been noticed that dates are effective in supporting healthy pregnancy. Regular consumption of this sweet dry fruit helps reduce risk of induction as well as promotes healthy delivery.


Antioxidant Protection

Dates contain anti-oxidants that help in providing good health. Anti-oxidants help prevent free radical damage to tissues. Thus, dates protect body from free radicals damage providing proper anti-oxidant protection to the body.


Promotes Mental Health

In some studies, it has been found that vitamin B6 is effective in boosting mental health. Dates are good source of vitamin B6 and thus help in promoting mental health.

Mental Relaxation

Prevents Clogged Arteries

As dates contain anti-oxidants and healthy acids that help prevent clogged arteries. Dates are packed with anti-atherogenic effects that are mainly helpful in prevention of clogging of the arteries.

Clogged Arteries

Wards Off Peripheral Neuropathy

Apart from treating various heart and digestive problems, dates are also good at fighting off peripheral neuropathy. Mostly, diabetic patients suffer from peripheral neuropathy with feeling of numbness and weakness in the body, in hand and feet mainly.


Helps Weight Gain

With high amount of healthy nutrient, dates help in promoting weight gain. Hence, regular intake of dates is much effective for those who suffer from problem of being underweight.

Weight Management