15 Surprising Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Are you too one of them who love to drink black tea? If yes, then you would love to know that your favourite black tea is full of amazing health benefits. It not only makes you feel refreshed and re-energized but also helps you combat several health problems. Rich in color, taste and aroma, this healthy drink helps prevent cardiovascular problems, diabetes, parkinson’s, and cancer as well as improves oral health and bones health, boosts energy level and keeps check on skin health. Black tea also helps in weight loss and controls cholesterol level in the body. Black tea is also effective when it comes to treat irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), improve digestion and prevent asthma. Read on to more about wonderful health benefits of black tea that makes it one of the healthiest drinks.

Here Are Listed Wonderful Health Benefits Of Black Tea:

Promotes Heart Health

Black tea contains wonderful antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular problems. Being packed with antioxidant properties, black tea is good at preventing free radical damage. It provides protection from various heart diseases and thus helps promote heart health significantly.


Boosts Immune System

Being a great source of antioxidants, black tea boosts immunity system and protects body from various health problems too. Apart from being good source of antioxidants, black tea is also rich in alkylamine antigens. These antigens help in boosting immune response and thus strengthen immunity. Black tea also contains tannins which possess wonderful ability to fight off viruses.

Lowers High Cholesterol

When it comes to controlling high cholesterol levels black tea may really work as a wonder for sure. It contains flavonoids that help remove bad cholesterol while increasing level of good cholesterol in the body. Thus, it lowers down high cholesterol level in the body that further helps prevent damage to the blood vessels and arteries.

Promotes Bones and Tissue Health

Black tea is packed with phytochemicals that help strengthen bones and connective tissues as well. Regular intake of black tea makes bones strong and reduces risk of fracture too.

Prevents Diabetes

Black tea is also helpful in regulating blood sugar levels and preventing diabetes. For diabetic patients, black tea is much beneficial as it contains powerful polysaccharides that slows down blood sugar absorption and thus helps combat diabetes.

Helps Weight Loss

Black tea helps in weight loss and thus may play vital role in keeping one slim and fit as well. Antioxidants present in black tea improves metabolism and thus helps body in burning fat easily. In various researches, it has been found that black tea consumption is beneficial in keeping obesity at bay.
   Weight Loss

Inhibits Cancer

Black tea contains polyphenols that helps prevent carcinogens formation in the body. A compound known as TF-2 is found in black tea that helps in killing cancer cells through apoptosis without affecting normal cells. Black tea has been found effective in preventing certain types of cancer including ovarian, prostate, breast, lung, oral, bladder, stomach and colorectal cancer.

Prevents Parkinson’s

Regular consumption of black tea may also help reduce risk of parkinson’s disease. Caffeine present in black tea helps prevent this disease.


Improves Digestive Tract Health

Tannins present in black tea aid in improving digestive tract health. These compounds have therapeutic effect on gastric and intestinal problems.
  Improves Digestion

Supports Brain and Nervous System

Black tea also supports brain and nervous system as it contains amino acid called L-theanine that helps relax mind. It also reduces cortisol levels as well as moderate content of caffeine found in black tea also helps improve concentration.

Energy Booster

Black tea is a great energy booster that re-energizes body. With presence of caffeine, it stimulates brain functioning while increasing alertness.

Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Polyphenols help reduce intestinal inflammation and provide relief in gastric problems. Due to presence of polyphenols, black tea is also helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
   Bowel Syndrome

Promotes Oral Health

Polyphenols and tannins found in black tea prevent bacteria which are mainly responsible for tooth decay and oral problems. Besides, catechin antioxidants found in black tea is also effective in improving oral health while reducing risk of oral cancer.
  Oral Health

Reduces Tumors and Inflammation

Catechin named tannin is found in black tea which helps in suppressing tumors. It also helps in reducing inflammation and thus prevents various inflammation caused health problems too.

Improves Skin Health

Black tea contains vitamins B2, C, and E, zinc, potassium and magnesium with tannins and polyphenols. These antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in black tea fight off free radical damage and help improve skin health. It prevents skin aging and keeps skin firm, youthful and glowing too.