15 Impressive Uses Of Citrus And Banana Peels


15 Impressive Uses Of Citrus And Banana Peels

We often throw away the peels of fruits in the garbage, but did you ever know the peels of citrus and banana are quite useful? Instead, of putting them in your trash bin why not put it to a great use. The peels are full of nutrients and can be used for several purposes. These leftover peels have extraordinary uses for your body and house as well.

Here Are The Top 15 Impressive Uses Of Citrus And Banana Peels:

1. Use For Teeth Whitening:

Did you know that chemical-based toothpaste which promises [1] to keep your teeth white is actually harmful? So, why not use banana peels. Simply rub the inside part of the banana peels on your teeth for two minutes. Later, rinse off with water. The natural chemicals such as potassium, magnesium, and manganese found in the banana peel will whiten your teeth by getting absorbed into the enamel. Repeat the same procedure frequently and you can notice visible results within a week.

Use For Teeth Whitening

2. Use As Air Freshener

Citrus peels have an extremely refreshing aroma. [2]  So, why not using them for keeping your place a little more relaxing? Collect the peels of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lime, and lemons. Place the peels in a bowl and place the bowl in the room that needs to be freshened.


3. Use For Relieving Migraines:

A poultice made using the ripe banana peel is helpful in relieving a migraine. Apply to the back of the neck and forehead. Try this easy remedy using banana peels for getting relieved from excruciating migraines.[3] 


4. Use For Wrinkle Free Skin:

For all those who are looking for a wrinkle-free and clear glowing skin, store your citrus peels to make an excellent face pack. Take some lemon and orange peels. Sun dry them in the shade. You can prepare a natural powder later. This powder helps get rid of the wrinkles and gives you a glowing complexion. Just add a few drops or rosewater to the dried and powdered citrus peels and apply to your skin. [4] 

Wrinkle Free Skin

5. Use For Warts And Splinters:

The inner surface of the banana has rejuvenating and skin healing properties. It can be used to draw out the splinters and heals warts, corns, and boils. Place the white mushy part of the banana skin onto warts and cover it with a Band-Aid. Renew and replace the banana peel daily in the evening until warts disappear.[5]

warts and splinters

6. Use For Cooking:

The taste of the citrus foods is created using citric acid, sugars, [6] and certain bitter phenolic compounds. But why use them when you have citrus peels? You can simply add the grated peel of the citrus fruits while cooking your food to give your dish a tasty twist. You can even add the zest of the citrus peels while baking and preparing soups. It adds a nice tangy flavor to your dish. You can even store the citrus peels in your freezer and use it whenever necessary.


7. Use For Acne:

Banana peel works great for dealing with acne as well. It has antibiotic and antifungal properties and also contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. The inside peel of the banana, when rubbed onto the skin, can help deal with acne as well as psoriasis. Rub the inside peel of the banana on your face before going to the bed for acne-free and clear glowing skin. [7] 


8. Use For Skin Scrub:

The peels of citrus fruits such as orange and lemon can be used to prepare an excellent skin scrub. Dried citrus peel powder can be used as a natural scrub for your skin. Add a little amount of yogurt to some dried citrus peel powder and apply it on your skin. It helps exfoliate your skin and enhances your skin tone. [8] 

banana scrub

9. Use For Itchy Skin Relief:

Banana peel can be used for soothing an irritated and itchy skin. Gently rub the peel of the banana onto the affected area. Follow the same procedure frequently until you experience relief.[9] 

Itchy Skin

10. Use For Whiter Nails:

Lemon peel, when rubbed on your nails, strengthens and even whitens and cleanses. So, do not throw away your lemon peels and put them to a great use.[10] 


11. Use As A Compost And Fertilizer:

Both citrus and banana peels can be used to prepare a natural fertilizer. They are a good composting material. Banana peels contain potassium and phosphorus whereas citrus peels are high in potassium. Both the ingredients together can be buried directly in the soil. You can even prepare a fertilizer by drying and grinding them to paste. [11] 

compost and fertilizer

12. Use As Tea:

Orange peels not only add flavor to your food but can be used to prepare a refreshing tea. Orange, mandarin, tangerine peel teas are used traditionally as a remedy for a cough that is caused due to excessive phlegm in the lungs. Consume this soothing beverage if you have a lot of mucus, wet cough, and chest congestion. Also, consuming a cup of tea prepared from orange peels can help improve a sluggish metabolism and even helps alleviate gas, bloating, and nausea. [12]


13. Use As A Flea Repellent:

Orange peels can be used as a flea repellent. Boil a few fresh orange peels in two cups of water. Steep and allow it to cool. Sponge it on the skin of your pet. The oil found in the orange skin acts as an excellent flea repellent. It even smells good. [13] 


14. Use To Soothe A Mosquito Bite:

The peel of the banana has several healing properties. It has several uses right from teeth whitening to warding off acne. The inside peel of the banana can be used to rub on the skin inflamed from a mosquito bite. The banana peel helps soothe the inflammation and lessens skin irritation. [14] 

mosquito bite

15. Use To Make A Candy:

Orange peels are often discarded but the lesser known fact is that they can be used to prepare a bittersweet candy. Cook the orange peels in sugar mixture. Do not boil. Simmering the peels in the sugar mixture can help avoid the peels from having a tough texture. The sugar peels can be dipped in dark chocolate. Voila! Your tangy tasty candy is ready to eat. [15]