15 Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice


The banana stem or the vertical straight part of a banana plant, which actually supports the entire plant, is considered as a flower stalk, in botany. The entire stem is in the form of layers, one below the other, just like in a cabbage. The outer layer is usually discarded and the rest of the stem is used for consumption. It is full of dietary fibers. The fibers help in reducing fat, unlike those fibers which lower cholesterol. The recommended daily consumption is 25 grams. However, if you want to loose weight drastically, the intake can be increased up to 40 grams a day. There are a number of health benefits associated with banana stems. Being reasonable priced and easily available, it is an excellent home remedy for a number of health related issues like obesity, kidney stone, diabetes, UTI, acidity and constipation.

Here Are 15 Health Benefits Of Banana Stem Juice

1. Detoxification

Banana stem is a type of diuretic(promotes the production of urine). It helps in flushing out toxins from the body. As a home remedy for kidney stones, it is best to prepare the juice with cardamom or with lime. It is very effective against kidney stones.


2. Pain Relating To Kidney Stones

Banana stem juice and cardamoms form a very effective combination. Cardamom helps in relaxation of the bladder and urethral muscles by releasing calcium crystals in the kidney. Cardamom is also an excellent pain killer for a patient diagnosed with kidney stones.

Pain Relating To Kidney Stones

3. Kidney Stones Formation

When stem juice is teamed with lime, the results are significant. the presence of citric acid in lime works as a hindrance to the formation of calcium crystals in the kidney, and acts as a shield against the formation of stones in the future. The potassium content in banana stem and citric acid in lime, combines to form potassium citrate, which is for kidney stones. This juice of banana stem and lime is a very effective remedy against renal stones.

Kidney Stones Formation

4. Bowel Movement

If you are the one who want to loose weight very fast, banana stem juice is a very healthy option. There are various ways of cooking it, or having it just in the form of juice. There are various ways in which banana stem juice helps in reducing weight. Loaded with lots of fiber, it keeps you satiated and reduces any unnecessary craving for food and provides relief from constipation.


5. Managing Weight

The type of fiber that it contains also helps in removing fats from the body. This works by slowing down the release of sugar and fats stored in the cells of our body, into our bloodstream. Banana stem juice intake, for the purpose of losing weight, can be very effective, if taken with ginger or butter milk.

Managing Weight

6. Reduces Belly Fat

Ginger is very effective for our gastro intestinal system. It has a very important place in Ayurveda for a number of medicinal properties including improving metabolism, digestion and weight loss. It is used in many weight loss supplements available over the counter for reducing weight, especially belly fat.

Belly Fat

7. Zero Fats And Cholesterol

The calorie content of banana stem is very low, which means it can be consumed more often, without guilt. Banana stem is also enriched with potassium and Vitamin B6. It contains no sodium, cholesterol and fats.

 Zero Fats And Cholesterol

8. Controls Acidity

Banana stem juice can be beneficial for those whose who suffer from frequent acidity problems. It helps in providing relief from chest burns and irritability. The acidity level in the body can be regulated through banana stem juice intake.


9. Diabetes

Banana stem juice is also beneficial for diabetes patients. It regulates the insulin level in the body. The bitterness of the juice is a natural remedy for diabetes. Diabetes management is very important for kidney functioning.


10. Digestion

If you are suffering from indigestion, banana stem juice taken woth butter milk is very effective. Buttermilk is enriched with vitamin C, A, E, K and B and calcium. Buttermilk is probiotic in nature, which helps in maintaining the balance of microbiome in the gut. A balanced microbiome helps in sustaining the gastrointestinal track


11. Calorie Intake

Banana stem juice has low calorie intake. Its fiber content keeps the stomach full. It is an excellent weight management food.

Calorie Intake

12. Urinary Track Infection(UTI)

Due to its diuretic nature, it is able to flush your system when there is an UTI. For best results, you should drink banana stem juice, thrice or thrice a week. It will help in dealing with the symptoms of UTI and the discomfort associated with it.

Urinary Tract Infections

13. Anemia

Banana stem juice is enriched with iron and Vitamin B6. This high content of iron and Vitamin B6 increases the count of hemoglobin in the blood. That is why, it is considered good if anyone has anemia.


14. Immunity

Banana stem juice contains lots of potassium. Consuming it thrice a week keeps the immunity levels up and helps in fighting diseases.


15. Blood Pressure

It is very effective in regulating blood pressure. Anyone suffering from high blood pressure can benefit from its consumption. Juice extracted from tender inner banana stem is especially effective for high blood pressure.

Maintains the blood pressure