15 Great Benefits Of Onions

15 Great Benefits Of Onions

Onions are simply regarded as an ingredient that adds taste and flavour to your salads, could be used as a side dish or even as a garnish. But little do people know that this vegetable that makes you cry has tremendous health benefits too. Onions are available in different varieties like white, red or even pink or even spring onions. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes too. Onions can be consumed or even applied for different kinds of health and skin benefits. As per research they are best eaten in their raw state as nutritional value is retained.

Here Are Some Great Benefits Of Onions:


Amazing isn’t it that the peeling layers of onions could also un-peel so many qualities. Basically onions are very rich in sulphur, which is known for restraining different kinds of bacterial and fungal growth. Hence, it works as a great antibiotic.


Lowers Risk Of Heart Diseases

Onions are also known to reduce and lower the risk of heart diseases. They reduce levels of cholesterol in the body along with blood pressure. This helps to minimise the risk of heart diseases. There are also sulphur compounds in onions that prevent occurrence of coronary heart diseases.

Heart Damage

Fights Respiratory Infections

Being rich in antibacterial and anti-viral properties, onions are also known for treating cough and cold along with flu. In fact, the juice of onion is very beneficial to treat cough. This in turn prevents infections from getting serious, especially respiratory infections by getting sputum out of the body. Have 2-3 spoons of onion juice for getting this benefit.

Treats Respiratory Problems

Improves Bone Density

Being rich in both Vitamin K and C, onions are also known to enhance bone functions. The synthesis of collagen helps Spring onions are loaded with high levels of vitamin C and vitamin K, both of which are essential for normal functioning of bones. Vitamin C helps in synthesis of collagen that improves bone density.

Improves Bone Density

Improves Vision

Onions are also rich in carotenoids including lutein and zeaxanthin that help to protect the eyes. Being rich in Vitamin A is a major contributor for improving vision and preventing eye related diseases. The eyes are protected from inflammatory problems and also combats macular degeneration that may lead to loss of vision.

Treats Vision Problems

Lower Cancer Risk

Onions also help to reduce cancer being rich in sulphur. It contains a compound named allyl sulphide that minimises the risk of colon cancer. It also contains flavonoids that increases xanthine oxidase enzyme in the body. This fights free radical and also improves DNA and cellular functions to fight cancer.

Cancer Prevention

Balances Diabetes

With high levels of sulphur, onions are known to balance the secretion of insulin in the body. This helps in better transfer of blood sugar, which in turn helps to prevent diseases like diabetes

Treats Diabetes

Reduces Stomach Problems

Gastrointestinal problems are reduced drastically by consuming onions. They are high on fibre and also contain natural nutrients that improves digestion and prevents gas related issues too.

Prevent Gallstones

Prevents Blood Clotting

Along with this, onions are rich Vitamin K, which is known to aid in clotting of blood. It is especially beneficial for people who suffer from thalassemia or blood clotting related issues.

Blood Clotting

Antiseptic And Anti-inflammatory

On the whole, onions help to reduce stress levels in the body and improve immunity. As a result, they work as an antiseptic. The rich Vitamin C content in onions also prevents the body from inflammation problems. It repairs tissues faster, thus acting as an antiseptic too.

Reduces Inflammation

Rich In Antioxidants

Antioxidants in onions, especially spring onions are known for reducing damage to DNA along with cellular tissues. They fight against free radicals and help in delaying ageing.

Prevents Aging

Improves Cough

Onion syrup or juice of the onion is given to those suffering from chronic cough. The juice helps in bringing out sputum and gets rid of acute cough accumulation in the chest.

Improves Cough

For Hair Growth

Onion juice is known to promote growth of hair by rejuvenating the cells. The smaller sized onions in particular are known for this benefit. Rub the juice on the hair and let it stay for at least 1 hour before washing off.

Hair Growth

For Insect Bites

Have an insect or bug bite on your skin, then simply rub an onion over the area or apply its juice. In fact, leaving half an onion on the bedside is also known to get rid of mosquitoes, bed bugs, etc.

Insect Bites

Remove Dark Patches

Application of onion on the face helps to get rid of pigmentation issues. You can mix some onion juice with honey or even rub the slice of an onion. Do it at least once a day for visible results.

Dark Patches