15 Benefits Of Serotonin For Your Health



Serotonin is a brain chemical (neurotransmitter) produced by the body that carries signals between the nerves to communicate with one another. It is a neurotransmitter mainly found in the brain, blood platelets and intestine. It is formed by tryptophan – the amino acid that helps to regulate body temperature, make one feel relaxed, sleep well, control appetite, mood, behavior and also influences cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, regulates memory and learning, endocrinal secretion and also contribute to a person’s overall mood, well-being and happiness. If your brain serotonin level is too low or it is not functioning properly, you can become irritable, worried, obsessive, depressed and sleepless. Balanced serotonin level can have many benefits on your health.

Here Are 15 Best Benefits Of Serotonin

Mood Booster

Increased serotonin level can induce good sleep. Good sleep will naturally boost your mood. Since Serotonin is considered a feel-good neurotransmitter, low serotonin affects your brain health and mental well-being in many significant ways. It is also called “happy molecule” as it plays a significant role in keeping your mood positive. Loss of pleasure and depression are believed to be signs of low serotonin level. Boosting serotonin level will impact not only mental and emotional well-being but also your overall health and well-being.


Helps Sleep Well

The level of serotonin in your brain affects your sleep. Low serotonin level can disturb your sleep. Boosting the serotonin level will help you to get a deeper sleep. When you sleep well, it helps to stay happy and energetic.

Proper Sleep

Aids In Digestion

Most of the serotonin is produced in the digestive tract. When there is deficiency of serotonin, digestive system can suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, stomach upset and constipation etc. On the other hand, high serotonin level can cause diarrhea.

Improves Digestion

Helps Heart Function Smoothly

Breathing and heart rate get affected by serotonin level. Serotonin deficiency can lead to heart disease. Elevated serotonin level can reduce the risk of heart disease.


Reduces Risk Of Obesity

Serotonin controls appetite by providing a sense of satisfaction when you eat food. If your serotonin level is low, you will not be able to control your appetite. It will increase your sugar craving and can lead to eating disorders like binge eating, bulimia, and anorexia nervosa and increase the risk of becoming obese.


Promotes Relaxation

Serotonin can help the body relax and stay stress free. Deficiency of this “feel-good” hormone can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and fatigued.


Aids In Blood Clotting

Serotonin plays a major role in forming blood clots by restricting the blood vessels. When there is a wound, serotonin is released by platelets which reduces blood flow and promotes blood clotting for healing of the wound.

Blood Clotting

Prevents Premature Aging Of The Skin

Serotonin produces antioxidant which helps in getting the body rid of free radical cells which are responsible for aging of the skin.


Brings Relief From Headache

By consuming foods that help to elevate the level of serotonin, you can get relief from headache and even migraine headache.

Helps In Preventing Headache

Relieves From Stress And Anxiety

Serotonin in the brain helps to control mood, sleep, energy, libido, appetite and anxiety. Proper level of serotonin can help to reduce anxiety that leads to suicidal tendencies.

Treats Anxiety

Physical And Emotional Health

Serotonin has beneficial consequences not just on your mood, but adequate level of serotonin is crucial for promoting good nights’ sleep and a feeling of well-being. It is essential for all age groups for their physical and emotional health. Serotonin plays crucial role in controlling anger and aggression, irritability, impatience and worries.

emotional health

Regulates Body Temperature

Serotonin plays important role in regulating body temperature.

body temperature

Brain Maturation

Serotonin is required for development of brain. Deficiency of serotonin can result in autism and Down’s syndrome.


Provides Healthy Skin

Serotonin elevates mood, relieves from anxiety and depression. It acts like antidepressant and makes skin glow.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Weight Loss

By reducing food cravings, serotonin helps to lose weight. Serotonin helps to make you satisfied and prevents over eating. Maintaining a healthy weight helps to control diabetes and prevents heart disease.

Helps In Weight Loss

Our hectic and over stressed lifestyle, poor eating habits lowers serotonin levels in our body which results in stress , anxiety and depression. Serotonin can be replenished by the body from food rich in tryptophan like chocolate, bananas, oats, yogurt, milk, fish, chicken, peanuts and chickpeas etc. Regular exercise and foods rich in B vitamins, essential fatty acids, magnesium, and L-theanine can give this chemical boost to your brain.