15 Benefits Of Chick Peas For Skin, Hair And Health


Benefits Of Chick Peas For Skin, Hair And Health

Chick peas are the member of legume family with full of nutrients and minerals. It contains very low calorie and fat. Chick peas are the very common food grain in all over the world. It is used in Indian curries as well as in salads, sauces, vegetables, bread, hummus, tahini and garlic spreads. This legume is very effective for weight loss and keeps you away from risky diseases.

Here Are 15 Benefits Of Chick Peas For Skin, Hair And Health

Weight Loss

Are you working hard to lose some weight? Well, chick peas can help you to do that. You can include these peas in your daily diet to gain strength without adding any extra fat and calorie. Chick peas contain fewer calories than cowpeas and beans.

Weight Loss

Simulate Digestive System

Chick peas are good for digestion. Regular intake will keep you away from stomach infection. This legume is very good to kill all bacteria and germs from the digestive tract and cleanse the entire system. It also influences the digestive process.


Generate Immunity

Chick peas contain high anti-oxidants which is good for your health. This food grain will increase your immune system and protect you from harmful illnesses.


Strong Bones

Chick peas are very good for maintaining strong bones. These peas have vitamin K which is good for bone health.


Good For Expecting Women

It is a healthy food for pregnancy. It helps to protect the baby from major diseases. It also helps to improve the health of the baby.

 Expecting Women

Good For Eyes

Chick peas contain vitamin A which is necessary for maintaining mucus membranes, eyes and skin. These peas have that power to improve your vision.


Good Sleep

Chick peas contain three essential elements like amino acids, tryptophan and serotonin. Tryptophan has the ability to make you calm and peaceful. Chick peas are good for your sleep.


Soluble Fibre

Chick peas have soluble fibre. Soluble fibre effectively reduces the risk of any heart disease and controls the blood sugar level.

Good for heart

Diminishes Wrinkles

Chick peas work wonder on the wrinkles. It has manganese which provides energy to the skin cells and fights against the free radicals. Molybdenum removes the sulphites from the skin in order to purify the skin.

wrinkles on the skin

Protect From Infections

It is very important to add chick pea in your daily diet to keep you healthy and cure ringworm infections.

Fight Infections

Effective Anti-Ageing

Most of the women suffer with ageing signs in their thirties. They got wrinkles, fine lines, dullness and dark spots on the skin. These symptoms can be cured by chick pea.


Healthy Skin

Chick pea can be your secret beauty ingredient. If you apply a paste of boil and smashed peas on your skin, it will act like a scrubber. This paste will remove all the dead cells and dirt from your skin.


Stop Hair Loss

Hair loss is the most common problems in these days. Chick peas can reduce these hair problems. These peas have the ability to protect your hair and increase the volume.

Prevents Hair loss

Remove Dandruff

Chick pea flour will cure your scalp from any types of infections and keep your scalp clear from dandruff.


Control Hunger

Chickpea is rich in fibre and high quality protein. These two components will make you full for longer hours. That is why chick peas are good for weight loss mission.


Good For Building Tissues

The protein content on chickpeas is excellent for building and maintaining the healthy tissues in the body.

healthy tissues in body