15 Amazing Health Benefits You Did Not Know About Bilberries

Amazing Health Benefits You Did Not Know About Bilberries

Bilberries are different from usual blueberries, due to its crumpled blackish skin and smaller in size. But important point is that apart from being used in kitchen for preparation of cakes, pies and desserts, bilberries are good to eat for their health benefits.

Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits You Did Not Know About Bilberries:

Gastrointestinal Problems

Bilberries contain some chemicals known as tannins, which help to lessen the enlargement of intestines. And the content of astringent in bilberries makes the body tissues tighter. . Some research also explains that bilberries are helpful to cure the ulcers in the stomach.


High BP

Eating bilberries regularly helps a lot in improving vision as well as it supports for maintenance of blood pressure too.

Regulates Blood Pressure


Bilberries help to control the sugar level in blood. If you are suffering from hypoglycemia, a bowl off bilberries can help you a lot to raise the glucose level of your body instantly.

Treats Diabetes

Varicose Veins

Bilberries contribute in making your collagen matrix healthy as well as repair damaged proteins in blood vessels. Moreover, these berries prevent constipation that reduces pressure on veins.


Body Infections

Bilberries have a different antimicrobial feature that helps the body to become more immune. You can easily resist the infections like as staph and salmonella illnesses through anti-inflammatory features of bilberries.

Immune System

Prevention Of Clotting

Bilberries contain anthocyanosides which is prevents clotting or coagulation of blood within the vessels. The beneficial chemicals present in bilberries helps to reduce the plaque buildup and platelets grouping from the bad cholesterol.

Blood Clotting

Sharpening Memory

Some of the researches explain that bilberries are helpful to improve the problem of short term memory considerably. Bilberries are used to prevent the degenerative chaos like Alzheimer’s.

Memory Booster

Colon Cancer

Anthocyanosides present in bilberries holds the potential to stop the cancerous cells from further action. The extract of bilberries prevents the expansion of cancer in colon and leukemia in the human body.

Ailing Stomach

Enhance Vision

Consumption of bilberries extract helps in enhancement in vision. You can find it as helpful as lutein, zeaxanthin, goji berry and alpha lipoic acid are for improvement in vision.

Treats Vision Problems


Treatment off atherosclerosis is possible with bilberry. You can stop hardening of blood vessels, building of plaques and boost cardiac health by regular intake of bilberry.


Cardiac Health

Bilberry is reliable in treatment of cardiovascular health problems. Actually, bilberry inhibits various causes in the body that lead to increased risk of heart disease.

Heart Damage

Urinary Tract Infection

UTI is caused due to bacterial infection; this causes urge of urination, pelvic pain in women and pungent smelling urine. Consumption of bilberry extract or fresh bilberries reduces the chances of Urinary tract infection.

Urinary Disorders

Healthy Gums

Bilberries are also good to keep your gums active and healthy as this fruit is rich in Vitamin C. the adequate amount of vitamin C in bilberry also helps in collagen formation.

treat Gums & Teeth

Boost Brain Health

According to researches, the idea of eating bilberries regularly leads towards boosting the brain power. In the related study carried out on rats, those who were consuming bilberries scored higher in memory test in comparison to those who were not consuming the fruit.

Ideal Brain health

Anti-oxidative Property

These berries hold wonderful anti-oxidative behaviors.  Berries increase the count of red blood cell, which reshapes the thin capillaries to allow the better flow. In this way, you can slower down the process of aging.

red blood cell

So, don’t forget regular intake of bilberries to improve your health.