15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Adzuki Beans


Adzuki Beans

Have you ever heard of adzuki beans? If you have, do you know about the magical health benefits they offer? Before we go into the benefits that adzuki beans offer, let’s look at their nutritional profile. The adzuki bean (also referred to as azuki or aduki in some parts of the world) is basically an annual vine that’s grown in many parts of East Asia and the Himalayan region. The beans are mainly red colored, but other varieties of black and white colored beans are also cultivated in some regions. Scientifically, these beans are known as Vigna angularis, and they grow annually. Adzuki beans can be boiled and sweetened into a red bean paste and then can be used in many ways in sweet desserts and other savory dishes, toppings of waffles, breads or biscuits and so on.

The places where adzuki beans are consumed the most include Japan, Korea, China and some other Asian countries. So, this was a short introduction of adzuki beans. But do you know about the tremendous health benefits of consuming adzuki beans? It’s a powerful food that can actually help in ailments of the heart, skin and other vital organs of your body. It can help to keep certain cancerous diseases at bay and prevent the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and other related conditions.

Here Are A Few Health Benefits Of Adzuki Beans

Cholesterol Control

High levels of cholesterol can be pretty detrimental to your heart and subsequently your overall health. It can result in heart-related diseases and in worst cases, can cause heart failure. Due to the presence of anticoagulant qualities, adzuki beans play a significant role in controlling blood cholesterol levels that are caused due to improper food intake (containing a lot of fat).

Cholesterol Control

Anti-Depression Properties

There are some medical domains that encourage the use of adzuki beans for treating a host of aliments that include anxiety and depression. Physicians emphasize the benefits of using adzuki beans in treating depression; it’s because they are home to a number of health-promoting nutrients.

Anti-Depression Properties

Fight Pathogens

Adzuki beans contain certain organic constituents that inhibit the growth of certain pathogens and bacteria, and ensure that you stay protected from them.


Improve Metabolism

Adzuki beans are known for boosting body’s metabolism; they improve digestion of food and efficiently convert food to release energy that keeps you charged up throughout the day. Adzuki beans also maintain a healthy cholesterol level and therefore keep you safe from heart-related diseases.


Anti-Cancerous Properties

Adzuki beans have anti-oxidant properties that inhibit the growth of cancer causing cells in the body. Therefore, adzuki beans protect you against free radical damage and prevent certain types of cancer.


Skin Health

Adzuki beans, due to the presence of anti-oxidants, help you to have a beautiful skin and also help to brighten your skin complexion. They also offer a lot of other advantages to your skin.

Skin Health

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Adzuki beans are a rich natural source of soluble fibers; therefore they help in controlling blood sugar-level swings. Adzuki beans help to transport sugar to the bloodstream at a controlled pace, and hence help to prevent the risk of diabetes.

Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes

Avoid Urinary Infections

Due to being a rich natural source of soluble fiber, adzuki beans help a lot in treating bladder infections or urinary dysfunction. They can be helpful to both men as well as women.

Avoid Urinary Infections

Purify Liver

We tend to consume a lot of toxins on a daily basis without realising we are doing so. Liver is that part of the body which is in charge of getting rid of all the toxins. Adzuki beans, with their great nutritional profile, help to detoxify your liver.


Help In Weight Loss

The fiber and protein content present in adzuki beans do the work of making you feel full without stashing too many calories in your body. Hence, adzuki beans help you in your weight-loss regime.

Helps In Weight Loss

Prevent Skin Infections

Face mask made by adzuki beans can be used to exfoliate skin and make it look radiant. A paste of aloe vera and ground adzuki beans can be applied to the face directly to get rid of rashes and skin infections.

Prevent Skin Infections

Anemia Prevention

Anemia is a condition wherein the oxygen-carrying capacity of the patient is significantly reduced. Due to the presence of folic acid and iron, adzuki beans help to keep anemia at bay.

Treats Anemia

Protection Against Kidney Disorders

Adzuki beans are a rich natural source of nutrients that help to maintain proper functioning of kidneys and keep them healthy.

 Kidney Disorders

Useful Against Constipation

Adzuki beans help in smoothing bowel movements and therefore help to combat the problem of constipation, which is a major health issue all over the world.


Rich Source Of Protein

Adzuki beans are a rich source of proteins, therefore they can help you to build muscles naturally.

Strengthens The Muscles