15 Amazing Benefits Of Gotu Kola For Skin, Hair And Health


Amazing Benefits Of Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is basically a very small herb. It grows on areas that are swampy and is eaten as vegetable and is used for medicinal purposes. It prevents and repairs varicose veins due to certain components in the herb. It also decreases inflammation and pressure of blood in veins.

Here Are 15 Amazing Benefits Of Gotu Kola For Skin, Hair And Health

Wound Healing

There are certain kinds of compounds that are present in this herb helps in strengthening the skin and increases the production of antioxidant. The components present in gotu kola elevates the synthesis of collagen which speeds the process of repair of any skin damage and further minimizes scars.



Anti-aging results in skin moisture breakdown as well as weakens the bundles of collagen. This herb is a very good ingredient in preservation and restoration of youthfulness to skin. This herb can be consumed in the form of tea or in the form of capsules.

Prevents Aging Signs

Young Skin

It is the best ingredient that can be used in products such as anti-aging cream, anti-aging eye creams, facial oil for any kinds of skin. It leaves the skin looking young with more shine and glow.


Fights Cellulite

It is a very classic ingredient in fighting cellulite on skin. This cellulite causes a very dimpled, lumpy and ugly sort of appearance. The most affected areas are thighs, upper arms and buttocks. This herb increases blood flow in the affected areas and reduces the risk inflammation.

Banish Cellulite

Reduces Pimples

This herb must be applied on the face on a regular basis in order to get a pimple free skin. It fights with the pimple causing germs and reduces the risk of getting it again. It removes the pimples that are present on the skin and reduces the redness that is generally caused by pimples.


Improves Quality Of Hair

Gotu kola repairs the damaged hair and improves the quality. It makes the hair look more black and shiny. It repairs the hair from the scalp and thereby reducing the risk of damage further.


Good For Loss Of Hair

This herb is very famous in treating hair loss and also helps in the re-growth of the hair. It plays a major role to strengthen hair follicles as well as nourishment of the scalp. It helps in strengthening of the blood vessels and expands the hair follicles.

Prevents Hair loss

Increases Blood Circulation

Due to this herb the blood circulation improves and relaxes the blood vessels. Because of this the oxygen enters along with certain nutrients inside the scalp. Gotu kola nourishes the scalp, prevents hair loss as well as promotes hair growth and makes the hair strong and beautiful.

Improves Blood Circulation

Removes Dandruff

Applying gotu kola on the hair while washing results a lot in removing the dandruff away from the hair and makes the scalp look good. It removes the excess of oil from the scalp and makes it oil-free.



It helps in balancing the left as well as the right part of the brain. Individuals using this herb in high doses are less disturbed by some noises. Gotu kola is having properties of reducing anxiety in a person. When this plant is given to animals, they experience a very sedative effect.

Treats Anxiety

Treat Infections

Gotu kola is used for curing urinary infection, cold and flu, shingles, influenza, leprosy, tuberculosis, cholera etc. It can also be used for treating any kinds of viral, bacterial or any parasitical infections caused in a person.

Colds and Flus

Improves Memory

This herb when consumed on a regular basis helps to improve the memory as well as intelligence and further treats Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety and depression etc.

Memory Booster

Removes Fatigue

It is used for treating fatigue. Consuming this herb provides a person a very refreshing energy and further cures weakness of a person.


Prevents Blood Clots

Gotu kola helps in preventing blood clots and also decreases fluid and further improves the blood circulation of a person especially when they travel for a long journey in flights.

blood clot

Beneficial For Diabetic Patient

Consumption of this herb increases the circulation of blood in a person having diabetes. It decreases the retention of fluid in people suffering from diabetes.

Combats Diabetes

Hence, this herb has many benefits in all fields such as for skin, hair or health. It fights certain diseases and treats bacterial and viral infections. It is used for person suffering from fatigue, anxiety and depression or any kind of psychiatric disorders. It sometimes also removes the stretch marks that are caused sometimes by pregnancy. Many women consume this herb to prevent pregnancy.