13 Home Remedies For Urinary Problems


 Home Remedies For Urinary Problems

Urinary tract infection is due to growth of bacteria in the organs of the urinary system. The infection mostly affects women. The infection causes constant urination urge while the patient passes minimum urine. The patient has burning sensation while passing urine. If the urinary infection is not treated, it can damage the kidneys. The patient can have fever along with nausea as well as vomiting. Some urinary problems occur due to ageing.

The urinary system organs become weak with age and there are changes that impair the normal functioning of these organs. It can also be due to injury and illness. When the bladder sphincter as well as the pelvis becomes weak, it can cause incontinence. Some of the most common urinary problems are burning urine, hematuria, nephritis, bedwetting, kidney stones, prostatitis and proteinuria.

If you have urinary problems, you should wear loose clothes and cotton underwear. You should drink maximum two liters fluids daily. You should make a habit of going to the toilet for passing urine on regular intervals of two to four hours, even if you do not feel the urge to pass urine. You must ensure that soaps and perfumes do not touch the genital area. Some home remedies help in curing urinary problems. Some of the best home remedies for urinary problems are as follows.

Home Remedies For Urinary Problems

1. Drink Fluids

If you have urinary infection, you should drink minimum eight glasses of water daily. Drinking water helps in removing the toxins, which helps in curing urine infection. You can drink fruit juice and cranberry juice. You should also drink blueberry juice. You should not take alcohol. Avoid drinks that contain caffeine. Do not take carbonated drinks. These drinks can cause irritation in the bladder.

Drink Fluids

2. Heat Application

Heat application helps in curing problems due to urinary infections. Take bath with warm water. Do not take bubble bath. You must use a gentle soap while having bath. You can use soaps like Basis and Dove. Do not use deodorant soaps. You should have bath with very little soap.

You can apply heat on the genital area with the help of a heating pad. It will decrease pain due to urinary infection. The heating pad should have a low temperature. Avoid using the heating pad when you go off to sleep. You can also apply heat with a bottle filled with hot water. Place the bottle on lower abdomen.

Heat Application

3. Coriander Powder And Vegetable Soup

Mix coriander powder to hot water and drink it. Take the drink two times daily. Boil spinach leaves and carrots in water for 15 minutes. Crush the vegetables, mash it and strain the liquid. Add salt to this soup. You can also add pepper to it. Drinking this soup will help in curing urinary infection. Take this soup twice daily.

 Coriander Powder And Vegetable Soup

4. Cranberry And Blueberry

Cranberry and blueberry helps in curing urine infection. You should eat these berries. You can also drink the unsweetened juice of these berries. The berries have antioxidants, which make the immune system strong. Blueberry and cranberry contains some compounds that eliminate and kill microorganisms that cause urine infection. You can mix blueberries in breakfast cereals and have it.


5. Pineapple

You should also eat pineapple as it helps in curing urine infection. Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain, which cures the problem of inflammation. You should eat one cup of pineapple regularly. You can also drink pineapple juice. You should eat fresh pineapple. Avoid eating canned pineapple as it has harmful preservatives.


6. Vitamin C

You should take Vitamin C as it decreases the growth of bacteria that causes the urine infection. Eat foods that contain Vitamin C. You can eat lemon, oranges, melon, tomato, guava, raspberry and watermelon. You can also take Vitamin C in the form of supplements.

Vitamin C

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7. Yogurt

You should also eat yogurt. Yogurt helps in curing bladder infections. Flavored yogurt contains sugar, so you should not eat the flavored yogurt. You should eat plain unflavored yogurt. Yogurt contains live cultures and it controls the urinary infection.


8. Baking Soda

Baking soda helps in curing urinary infection. Mix baking soda with water and drink it. Take this drink once a day. If you are taking baking soda, you should also take Vitamin C along with it. Baking soda makes the recovery from urinary infection very fast.

You should not take very high amount of baking soda as it can cause many problems like thirst, seizure, dizziness and muscular tics. People who have hypertension should not take baking soda. Patients who have kidney and liver diseases should avoid taking baking soda. The remedy is also not suitable for pregnant women.

Baking Soda

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very good remedy for urinary infection. The vinegar contains enzymes, potassium and minerals that help in curing the urine infection. The vinegar has antibiotic properties. Mix two teaspoon of the vinegar in one glass water and drink it. You can mix little honey to the drink. You must take this apple cider vinegar drink thrice daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

10. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is very effective in curing urinary infections. The oil has antibacterial properties and helps in fighting infections. You cannot take the oil orally. You should mix the oil with the water with which you take bath. You can use this water for washing the genital area and the urethra opening.

Tea Tree Oil

11. Wear Easily Removable Clothes

If you have urinary incontinence, you should make sure that you are able to remove the clothes you wear easily for passing urine. You should wear clothes that have elastic waistbands. You can wear clothes that have Velcro enclosures. If you wear restrictive clothing that you cannot open easily, you can have urine leakage when there is delay in opening the clothes.

Wear Easily Removable Clothes

12. Double Voiding And Exercises

When you pass urine, you should do double voiding, in which you pass urine, wait and relax for some time and pass urine again. This trick will help in expelling the maximum amount of urine from the bladder so that there is no residual urine left in the bladder. You must do physical exercises regularly. You should do Kegel exercises daily. These exercises help in making the pelvic muscles strong.

 Double Voiding And Exercises



13. Control Weight And Quit Smoking

Weight reduction helps in solving the urinary problems. Overweight people should control the weight through diet and exercise. People who smoke should quit the habit of smoking. Do not use tobacco products. If you smoke, you will have cough. This increases the problem of incontinence.