12 Best Tips To Lose Weight Without Diet And Exercise

12 Best Tips To Lose Weight Without Diet And Exercise

If there is one subject that is the most searched on the internet, for which there are thousands of products in the market and for which several million people are concerned about, it is losing weight. There are more or less two ways to lose weight, one is to diet and another is to perform some kind of exercise. Both of these are difficult habits, especially for people who are very fond of eating and find it absolutely impossible to drag themselves to exercise more than once or twice. So, we are here to give you some ideas beyond these two.

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Drink Water

Drinking cold water before meals makes you eat less. It also makes your digestive system work harder and burn more calories to digest the water which increases your metabolism. Also water flushes out toxins from your body that would accumulate in your body as unhealthy fats. Drink 10 glasses of water a day.

Drink Water

Sleep Well

Studies say that when we are sleep deprived, we tend to fulfil our energy levels by compensating that with eating. This way we may gain the needed energy, but also the unneeded pounds. So ditch your late night parties and head to bed to have a good night’s sleep.

Sleep Well


When people meditate daily, they tend to be more mindful of things throughout the day. This naturally holds valid at the dinner table and when opening the lunch box. You do not fall prey to binge eating. Also since you feel a natural sense of contentment from meditation, you do not look for comfort in food and do not indulge in emotional eating.


Keep Healthy Foods Close

We often eat just because something is there. If it is so, we better should keep healthy variants of foods close by. We people have a tendency to generally not waste food, so we’d rather eat those fruits and vegetables if they simply are there in our kitchens.

Eating Fruits And Vegetables Daily

Eat Sitting On The Floor

When we eat sitting cross-legged on the floor or on a carpet, we need to bend more than we need to while we sit at the dining table. This makes our stomachs feel pressured and make us more aware of its fullness and thus we stop eating when we should.

Eat Sitting On The Floor


Our different bodily functions have different pressure points and so does that of hunger. Our hunger pressure point lies in the ears. Through ear acupuncture, we may be able to suppress hunger. So, you may as well try this therapy to lose weight.


Eat With Your Non-preferred Hand

Now this is an interesting way to lose weight. If you usually use your right hand to eat and do most of the things, start using your left hand for eating and vice versa. This will make it difficult for you to eat and need more of your attentiveness. This way you will not overeat mindlessly.

Eat With Your Non-preferred Hand

Consume Cayenne Pepper

When our foods are spicier, especially with cayenne pepper, we tend to eat less. Also, our metabolism increases when we eat cayenne pepper with our food.

Cayenne Pepper

Eat Off A Blue Plate

Colours have a degree of impact on our thoughts and feelings. Blue is an appetite suppressant. So, if you choose to eat from a blue coloured plate and have blue tablecloth, you are likely to eat less and lose weight as a consequence. Also avoid red, yellow and orange shades for the same.

Eat Off A Blue Plate

Laugh More

Laughing may not be an exercise, but it surely works like one. It is enjoyable and it increases your heart rate, tones your abdomen and gives a good cardiovascular workout for your insides. Now that comedy shows are there on television nearly all the time, watch one for half an hour. You can also join a laughter club where a bunch of you go to the park in the morning and fake a good bellyful laughter for 10-15 minutes.

Laugh Loudly

Avoid Alcohol

Beer belly is a well heard term. But you must know that almost all alcoholic drinks have a tendency to make your weighing machine show bigger numbers. And also stay away from aerated drinks that are just empty calories.

Avoid Alcohol

Cut Down Sugar Intake

We are a bit too bent to have a sweet friend, a sweet home, a sweet life and cannot have enough of sweet dishes. Sugar makes us feel good for a while, but you are not going to be happy about your weight later on. Replace sugar with alternate sweeteners like castor sugar, honey, jaggery etc.


Aren’t all the ways to lose weight above easy? So, you now have the secret and easy ways to look slim and trim.