11 Herbal Remedies for Ovarian Cysts


Herbal Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

Most women in their childbearing years experience the problem of ovarian cysts. These are fluid-filled growths in either one or more ovaries.


Although in most cases these cysts go away by themselves, there may be occasions in which they grow big enough to rupture and damage or displace the ovary.It is better to nip the ovarian cyst at its bud through surgery or natural treatments. Here are some herbs that remove ovarian cysts naturally.

Best Herbal Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

1. Black Cohosh

This herb regulates menstrual cycle in women with ovarian cysts. In addition, it relieves the pain associated with menstrual cycle.

Black Cohosh

2. Vitex

Otherwise known as Chasteberry, this herb restores hormonal balance and normalizes menstrual cycle. It also promotes ovulation. It relieves painful menstruation. It has been in use since ancient times in Europe for treating gynecological disorders.

These berries contain diterpenes that increase progesterone and decrease estrogen levels by acting on the pituitary gland. In short, it strikes the desired balance between the two hormones. Apart from dissolving ovarian cysts, this herb alleviates other menstruation related problems. Pregnant women should avoid using it.


3. Dong Quai

This particular herb is well known for its effectiveness in balancing hormones. It is especially helpful for congestive fertility. It promotes proper circulation to reproductive organs. Once normal circulation to pelvic area is restored, it enables the cysts to dissolve. It also relieves pain associated with ovaries. However, pregnant women should avoid its use.

Dong Quai

4. Milk Thistle

Better known for promoting liver health, milk thistle also balances hormones. Since liver health is closely associated with hormonal balance, milk thistle proves to be an excellent remedy for ovarian cysts. A good liver succeeds in filtering toxins including excess hormones from body more effectively.

Milk Thistle

5. Maca Root

Renowned as a fertility herb, maca root helps in the production of progesterone and thereby balance out hormones in the body. It also nourishes endocrine system and aids in proper functioning of natural progesterone. Recommended daily dosage of maca root is 2000mcg to 3000mcg.

Maca Root

 6. Tribulus

This particular herb normalizes ovulation if used before ovulation. It also nourishes the ovaries and the entire reproductive system. Continuous use for 3 months has proved to be effective for many women.


7. Dandelion Root

It is a well known liver tonic and prevents toxin build-up in the body. Since ovarian cysts are caused by excess hormones remaining in the liver, dandelion root acts a great remedy for treating ovarian cysts by removing the excess crud from body.

Dandelion Root

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8. Licorice

This Mediterranean herb, known for treating gastrointestinal problems, also proves helpful in nourishing the endocrine system. It acts on the adrenal glands and enable the ovarian cysts to dissolve.It boosts adrenal health in addition to balancing the hormones i.e. testosterone, estrogen and progesterone, and thereby removes ovarian cysts. People with high blood pressure should avoid its use.


9. Red Clover

This herb is rich in phytoestrogens that are plant-like substances mimicking estrogen’s action on body. This herb balances female hormones.Apart from dissolving ovarian cysts, it resolves other menstruation related problems such as pain. It can be taken as tea, in dried and tincture forms.

Red Clover

10. Wild Yam

It boosts healthy and normal menstrual cycle and avoid risk of PCOS. It also reduces ovarian pain.

Wild Yam

11. Yarrow

This herb is a proven remedy for pelvic congestion. Hence, it normalizes menstrual cycles and corrects its timing.