10 Tips To Deal With Eye Twitching


Tips To Deal With Eye Twitching

Eye twitching is one of the annoying and irritating issues which can make you feel irritated. This is a very familiar concept and is caused due to numerous reasons. Eye twitching can be caused due to dry eyes, extreme alcohol consumption, constant glaring at the computer screens, some deficiencies and other conditions. For almost of the times, eye twitching does not reflect any major issue and is just a simple condition. We understand that this little phenomenon can get you really irritated and disturbed for your regular work. If you are busy with some important commitments, have a meeting to go or just simply want to get rid of this annoyance, you can try some quick home remedies which can get you amazing results!

These Quick Home Remedies Are Simply Thrilling And Would Get You Results Soon

1. Warm Compresses

Warm compresses work amazingly in the twitching eyes. If your eyes are constantly getting twitched and are irritating you, you can apply the warm compresses on the lids. Dip a napkin in hot water and press it on your eye lids. Perform it constantly until you get any relief! This is quite a beneficial remedy which can work quickly and amazingly.

Warm Compresses

2. Cold Water Rinse

It is identified that the water therapy would simply help in reducing the eye twitching. Yu can rinse your face and specially the eye lids with cold and chilled water. Wash your face 4-5 times until you get rid of this issue. Repeat this process for amazing results soon without any disturbance!

Cold Water Rinse

3. Rose Water Cleansing

Rose water is an amazing natural ingredient which can have cool and soothing results over eye twitching. Apply some fresh rose water on your eye lids and let it stay. Try this 2-3 times a day and you’re twitching would get significantly reduced. Cleans your eye lids with this amazing water and get cool results!

Rose Water Cleansing

4. Steaming

Steam can stop or pause the regular movement of the eye lids. If you are suffering from eye twitching, you can try this super cool remedy and get rid of this issue. Steaming would pause the regular movement of your eye lids and would soon get you relief! Boil water and take steam under the towel. This would help you fight eye twitching soon!


5. Cucumber Juice

This is an ultimate soothing and healing ingredient which can fight eye twitching and irritation soon. Apply some fresh cucumber juice on the eye lids and let it settle. The soothing properties of cucumber juice would make your eyes control the movements and get you steady blinks!

Cucumber Juice

6. Potato

Potato peel or potato juice can get awesome for the eye twitching. If you are suffering from this issue and want some cool ingredient which can stop the constant blinking and make your eye movement steady, apply potato slices, potato juice or peel in the eye lids. This would help in fighting the eye twitching and would get you awesome benefits!


7. Fast Blinking

Fast blinking is a technique which can help in healing this issue quickly. Play with the blinking pattern of your eyes. If you are suffering from eye twitching, try fast blinking. Constantly blink you eyes lids in a second. Not try to close your eyes shut for some seconds. This would help in balancing and controlling the twitching effect of your eyes. This is a cool process you can try for getting rid of twitching soon!

Fast Blinking

8. Eye Massage

Massages can smooth and control several body movements. In case of eye twitching too, this amazing phenomenon can help. You can massage your eye lids and under eyes with index finger in circular movements. This would help in controlling the eye lid twitching and would get you normal blinks in some time. This is a cool and amazing remedy which would also sooth other eye related issues!

Eye Massage

9. Calcium Rich Products

Calcium controls our nervous system and thus can get highly beneficial for eye twitching. If you want to get rid of this twitching and blinking soon, you can eat the calcium rich products and dairy products for more effective results. You must eat eggs, milk, cheese, tofu and such calcium rich foods which can control the blinking movements and get you stunning results fast!

Calcium Rich Products

10. Bananas

It is observed that sometimes, due to lack of potassium too, the eye starts getting twitched. If you are too suffering with this issue due to lack of potassium, try this amazing remedy and you would soon get rid of twitching! Eat lots of bananas during the day to increase your potassium content and you would get great results!