10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

10 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes

Eye should be maintained with proper care. A small reason can hamper the eye and can lead to severe types of infections. Eye is very sensitive part of the body and hence proper arrangements must be done to maintain it. Puffy eyes sometimes become a huge problem due to huge numbers of reasons. The main reason for puffy or swollen eyes are change in hormones, genetics, and stress, change of weather, allergic reactions and sinus problems. There is nothing to panic while curing such kinds of problems. People who are suffering from this exact problem must be selective for the remedies. Natural remedies are creating miracles to cure the problem and avoid other related side effects.

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes:

Cold Water

Cold water is an ultimate solution to cure the issue of puffy eyes. Cold water is mainly used to provide numbing effect to the tissues and reduce puffiness. It will also help the blocked fluid to circulate properly and find their way. Rinse your eyes with this exact cold water solution to reduce swelling of the eye and avoid any sort of further complexities.

Rinse your eyes

Spoon Remedy

The problem of puffy eyes can be treated with best kinds of methods. Spoons can be used to cure the problem and reduce puffiness. Take some spoons and chilled it in refrigerator. Use this spoon to apply near the eyes for some time. Replace the hot spoon with the fresh cold one. Repeating this method is going to help in providing relief from swelling eyes.

Spoon Remedy

Cold Tea Bags

Applying cold tea bags are going to help in curing the problem of puffy eyes. Cold tea bags will mainly provide cooling effect and the chemicals present in it will also treat the problem in a perfect manner. Take two tea bags and dip them properly in cold water. Drain the excess water from it and then place it simply on the infected eye areas. It will help in constricting the blood vessels.

Tea Bags

Egg White

Egg white is a very unique kind of solution to cure the problem of puffy eyes. The skin actually becomes very loose due to swelling and looks big. Egg white will help to tight the skin and avoid any sort of swelling. Beat the white part of the egg and apply it directly on the affected eye areas. Wait the solution to dry for some time and then wash it properly with cold water.

Egg White


Cucumbers as usual are being used to cure various types of problems. The soothing and cooling properties of cucumbers will help to cure puffy eyes in short period of time. Cucumbers are best to cure such kinds of problems. Keep the cucumber in refrigerator for some time and then make slices of it. Apply it directly on the swelling eyes for some time.



Potatoes are rich in starch as well as other beneficial properties to handle the problem of swelling eyes. The puffiness that is created near the eye can be easily handled without any issues. Potato mainly contains anti inflammatory properties to cure the inflammation. Cut slices of potato and place it on the infected eye areas for some time.

Raw Potatoes

Salt Water

The swelling condition of puffy eyes can be handled by applying salt water solution. Salt water compress will mainly reduce swelling and allow the blocked fluid to pass down. Take some salt and add it to warm water in a bowl. Mix it well and soak cotton balls in it. Place these cotton balls on the eyes for some time repeat this method till you get satisfactory results.

Water And Salt


Drinking sufficient amount of water will help the human body to stay hydrated and get rid of all kinds of health problems. People who are badly affected by the issue of puffy eyes must drink five liters of water on daily basis. The proper hydrated body will avoid the formation of swelling and can also reduce it if formed.

Drink Water

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera as usual is always ready to cure the problem of skin related issues. Vitamin E that is present in aloe Vera will help cure the swelling and puffiness near the eyes. Applying the gel near the eyes will improve the blood circulation and thus helps to get rid of the problem. Take some pure gel from aloe Vera and apply it on the affected areas.

Aloe Vera


Strawberries contain alpha hydroxyl acid that will help to cure the swelling nature of the eye. It will also help to provide glowing skin. Chill out some strawberries and then slice it properly into pieces. Apply these slices on the puffed eyes for some time and replace it with new slices.