10 Homemade Hair Packs To Cover Grey Strands

10 Homemade Hair Packs To Cover Grey Strands

Grey hair is one of the most annoying aging processes reflections which would get you crazy! Everyone loves the adorable and cool black hair which looks youthful and gorgeous! But in today’s fast paced lifestyle, it becomes simply impossible to maintain the hair health. Because of unhealthy food habits and polluted environment, work stress and such conditions, it is natural for the hair to get affected and get gray. Gray hair makes the people look quiet older and aged than the actual age. This is one of the most irritating conditions which can get treated at home! Absolutely we have some cool and amazing masks which can get your grey hair turn into gorgeous, beautiful and youthful hair.

Go Through This Cool List And Try Some Of These Most Stunning And Promising Masks And Get Cool Results:

1. Indian Gooseberry, Lemon And Coconut Oil:

Indian Gooseberry is an amazing ingredient when it comes to hair health. It is a rich source of Vitamin B and antioxidants which are important to maintain healthy and youthful hair. It cures the problems like early graying of hair, dull and frizzy hair and the hair loss problems. This amazing ingredient would simply make your hair look awesome and dazzling. This cool mask prepared from amla, coconut oil and lemon juice would make your hair look awesome and would cover all the grays.

Indian Gooseberry Or Amla, Lemon And Coconut Oil

2. Apply Henna

Henna is preferred as a natural skin colorant from the older ages. Henna does not only makes the hair black and colored but also strengthens it, makes it more voluminous and thick! A mixture of Henna and plain yogurt can be applied to get amazing shiny and thicker hair. Henna mask can also be applied by mixing yogurt to get beautifully colored and gorgeous hair.

Apply Henna

3. Apply Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice:

Coconut oil is a proven magical ingredient for beautiful hair. It stimulates hair growth; add shine and volume to the hair. This combination will not only help in preventing premature graying of hair but also will help in reversing the gray hair. You must try this cool and amazing mask which can reverse the aging process of your hair and make it more glorious.

Apply coconut Oil and Lemon Juice

4. Potato Peel Rinse

This amazing remedy serves as one of the coolest and high impact remedies for grey hair. Potato is a bleaching agent which would turn and cover your grey hair amazingly. Boil some potatoes and let it dry use the peel to rinse your hair after shampooing. This remedy would simply bleach your hair naturally.

Potato Peel Rinse

5. Go For Black Tea

Black tea is simply amazing for hair bleaching and would get awesome results on your hair. This is a natural hair enrichment remedy which would also bleach your hair into dark hair beautifully. Brew the tea and then rinse the tea after shampooing. This remedy works wonders on grey hair for sure.

Go For Black Tea

6. Try Coffee Powder, Coconut Oil, Henna And Yogurt:

This cool blend of the ingredients is quite amazing for getting the amazing black hair back. These cool ingredients are filled with bleaching and anti aging properties which would cover all the grey hair of yours and would get you amazing black and bleached hair. Mix some henna powder, yogurt, coconut oil and coffee powder and apply this paste on your hair. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse. This cool mask would get you amazing results in no time.

Try Coffee Powder, Coconut Oil, Henna And Yogurt

7. Rosemary And Sage:

Both of these herbs would simply help in covering the grey hair and stop the greying of the hair. Also these herbs help in colouring the hair naturally. Boil one cup of each dried rose marries and two cups of water. Let the mixture settle for a few hours. Rinse the hair with this mixture. You can shampoo your hair after applying this mixture to your hair and get amazing silky, glossy and shiny hair.

Rosemary And Sage

8. Chamomile Tea:

The tea’s have the amazing ability to make the hair look beautiful and darker. It covers the grey hair magically and turns it into the original shade. Get some chamomile tea and brew it. Let to cool down and then rinse your hair with this tea. Regularly rinsing your hair with this tea would bleach your hair naturally.

Chamomile Tea

9. Beetroot, Carrot Lemon Juice

These amazing juices are simply cool for hair bleaching and to retain the color of the hair. Mix all these juices with coconut oil and apply this amazing mixture on turn hair. This massage would act as a bleaching agent for your hair and would make the hair beautiful nourished. Go for this cool pack and we assure you would simply love the results.

Beetroot, Carrot Lemon Juice