10 Home Remedies To Remove Tartar


Human beings need to maintain their health conditions in order to stay healthy. Oral health is also a very important requirement on day to day basis. Most of the people do not take care of their oral health and thus suffer from various types of oral health issues such as tartar, plaque as well as various other oral problems. This can lead to generation of foul smell and growth of bacteria on the gums. Thus, proper care and attention need to be taken in order to remove tartar from the teeth that is formed due to mineral decomposition released from the saliva. The minerals along with bacterial debris together help to get rise to tartar on teeth. It looks very bad and affects the overall oral health of the person.

List Of 10 Amazing Home Remedies To Remove Tartar

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has lots of advantages and hence it is used as general drink all round the year. The acid that is present in lemon juice will effectively put a halt on the formation of tartar on the teeth. Extract some fresh source of lemon juice and apply it directly on the teeth with the help of a cotton ball. Repeat doing this process to get desired kinds of results.

lemon juice

Chewing Fruits

Fruits and raw vegetables can be used to get rid from the formation of tartar on the tooth. The process of munching of fruits will naturally help to clean the tooth while eating. This is a very easy as well as natural process to deal with such kinds of tartar. Raw vegetables and fruits contain best natural acids that can help to clean the tooth.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen. It can be utilized to take care of the formation of tartar on the tooth. Take some baking soda and add little amount of salt to it. Apply this powder on the toothbrush and gently massage the teeth. Repeating this step on regular basis will help to remove the tartar in few days.

Baking Soda

Proper Brushing

Brushing the teeth in a specific manner will surely help to get rid of formation of tartar on the teeth. It is a very best kind of process that is practiced by all people during morning time. Proper brushing twice a day will help to avoid the formation of tartar. The tooth surface will remain clean and thus the chance of generation of tartar will also reduced to certain extent.


Peels Of Orange

Orange is a very common type of citrus fruit that is mainly consumed due to its high content of vitamin C in it. The peels that are generally thrown away can be effectively used to clean the tartar from the teeth. Take some orange peels and prepare some paste from it. Apply this paste on the toothbrush and clean the tooth with this orange peel paste.

Orange Peels


Cloves are very perfect type of solution to deal with all types of oral conditions. Cloves oil can be used to remove bad odor, plaque, bleeding and tartar from the tooth. It can be directly applied on the gums and teeth.



Figs are very natural source of various types of beneficial ingredients that help the human body to carry out various types of activities. Consumption of figs while chewing will also help to reduce the formation of tartar on the teeth. It is very natural and easy process to remove tartar in a very period of time. They will help removing the plaque from the mouth.


Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a very ancient type of technique that is mainly done to clean the teeth and gums. Various types of oils are used for this process such as mustard oil and clove oil. Take one cotton cloth and dip it in mustard oil. Now use this oil to clean the entire gums and teeth. It will avoid the formation of tartar in a perfect manner.


Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are also a perfect source of materials that can help to remove tartar in a perfect manner. These seeds are very natural and will surely provide perfect results. Take some sesame seeds and try chewing these seeds. Chew them properly and throw after chewing those seeds. They act as a perfect type of scrub inside the mouth.

Sesame Seeds


Gargling is a very common type of process that will help to keep the oral health in perfect state. Gargling is mainly done in order to avoid all kinds of infections occurring near the throat. Adding some salt to the gargle water increases its antiseptic properties and will thus remove all bacterial residues from the teeth. It can be easily done at home.