10 Home Remedies To Grow Fuller, Longer And Thicker Eyelashes


Remedies To Grow Fuller, Longer And Thicker Eyelashes

Who would not get attracted to those stunning and gorgeous long lashes? Eye lashes are one of the most stunning and beautiful part of our faces. The beautiful eyes get more enhanced and look adorable with long and voluminous lashes. But not all women are blessed with cool, long and thick lashes. Sometimes, women require a lot of care and nourishment for making the lashes look beautiful and grow thick. There are various options to make the lashes look thick and long temporarily but if you want gorgeous and stunning long lashes permanently; you can use the home ingredients to get flawless lashes. These ingredients are natural and would never fail to make your eyes nourished and long.

Use These Cool Home Remedies To Make The Lashes Thicker, Longer And Stunning!

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is filled with cool ingredients which can have miraculous impact on the lashes. If you want desirably long, thick and gorgeous lashes, you can apply olive oil on your eye lid an you would get miraculous results. Olive oil is a nourishing agent which would open the hair follicles and get you stunning eye lashes soon!

Olive Oil

2. Castor Oil

This is one of the most happening and widely preferred oil for hair. For air growth and volume enhancement, castor oil is one of the ingredients which would simply work miracles. Castor oil promotes growth and would get you flawless eye lashes in just a few applications. Daily apply castor oil on the lashes and you would get amazing lashes! Try this amazing and miraculous remedy for few days and we assure it would never disappoint you!

Castor Oil

3. Lavender Oil

This essential oil is a growth booster and would never fail to get you flawless results. Lavender oil would smooth up the hair growth and gets you long and enviable lashes. Apply lavender oil daily on your eye lids and keep it overnight. This would boost hair growth and get you thick and gorgeous lashes soon! Apply this lingering and divine ingredient and get cool outcomes!

Lavender Oil

4. Green Tea

A natural exfoliant and ant oxidant would never fail to get you desirable results. Green tea would not only make your eye lashes thick and stunning but would also soothe your eyes and get you relaxation. You can apply green tea on your lashes or place the tea bags on your eyes for better and quicker results!

Green Tea

5. Argan Oil

Argan oil is one of the natural oils which would get you awesome and thick lashes. This nourishing oil is a rich choice for enhancing the growth of lashes. Apply some argan oil on the lashes and let it work on your lashes overnight. This would get you some quick and adorable results within few applications!

Argan Oil

6. Azadirachta indica Oil

This cool natural oil is filled with some fine ingredients and hair growth properties which would simply never fail to get awesome results. Apply some neem oil daily n your eye lashes to promote growth and get healthy, long and stunning lashes in just few days!

Azadirachta indica Oil

7. Sweet Almond Oil

Nothing can work as amazingly in the lashes than almonds. These are cool ingredients filled with nourishing oils which would never fail to make your lashes look ravishingly thick and gorgeous. Apply sweet almond oil on your lashes and you would get cool results.

Almond Oil

8. Aloe Gel

This amazing natural gel has numerous benefits on the hair and especially over the eye lids. If you want long, adorable and strong lashes which would simply make your eyes look adorable, apply some fresh aloe gel on your eyelids daily. This would not only boost lash growth but would also soothe your eyes and get you rid of dark circles and dry skin!

Aloe Gel

9. Vitamin E Oil

This nourishing and cool oil is filled with numerous rich properties which can strengthen and enlarge your lashes graciously! The vitamin e oil is rich with stunning oils and elements which can enhance lash growth. You can apply vitamin e oil on your lashes daily. This would open the hair follicles, improve hair growth and would get you voluminous, long, glossy and beautifully curled lashes soon!

Vitamin E Oil

10. Coconut Oil

If you want a simple and natural ingredient which would never fail to make your eye lashes look flawless, here is a common ingredient which would promote lash growth. This miraculous ingredient is filled with hair growth properties which can make your lashes look long, thick and adorable. Apply fresh coconut oil daily on your eye lashes and let it work overnight. This would simply make your lashes look flawless and dazzling!

Coconut Oil


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