10 Home Remedies For Nail Infection


Home Remedies For Nail Infection Toenail fungus and other types of nail infections can cause inflammation and pain in the nails. The nail can become swollen and yellow. It can become thick and crumbled. Nail infection can be due to wearing synthetic socks, diabetes and low immunity. It can be due to moist environment, sweaty shoes, abnormal skin pH and poor hygiene. If the nail infection is left untreated, it can cause cracking and splitting of the nail. Sometimes, the whole nail can break off.If you have nail infection, you should take care of the nails and feet by keep them clean. If the feet get wet at the swimming pool, you should wear waterproof footwear at such places. You should change socks daily. Trim the toenails and keep them short. Avoid wearing synthetic socks. You can use home remedies for treating nail infection. The following home remedies for nail infection will help you in curing the condition.

Various Home Remedies For Nail Infection

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Nail Infection Tea tree oil is very good for treating nail infections. It is a natural disinfectant with antiseptic properties and is very useful for treating nail infections. It has fungicide properties, which is excellent for nail infections.Mix little olive oil with the tea tree oil. Dip cotton in the solution and apply on the nail. Keep it for 10 minutes and then scrub the nail with a toothbrush. You can also mix thyme oil with the tea tree oil.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil For Nail Infection Lavender oil kills the fungus that causes the nail infection as it has antiseptic properties. Rub the lavender oil on the infected nail. Wear socks after five minutes. Do this two times daily. Cut the infected nail every week. You can also mix lavender oil in equal amount of tea tree oil and warm it. Dip cotton in this solution and apply it on the infected nail and the surrounding areas.Do this remedy three times daily. You can apply the solution on the infected nail at night before sleeping. Wear woolen socks after this. You should use pure lavender oil, which you can buy from food stores that sell natural foods. You should not use diluted lavender oil.


Garlic has allicin, which helps in killing the fungus that causes the nail infection. Apply warm compress on the infected nail and toe. Put mashed garlic in a gauze piece and apply on the nail. Cover with another gauze like a sandwich. Close the gauze with a medical tape. You can also mix garlic oil and white vinegar in equal amounts. Dip cotton in this solution and apply it on the infected nail. Cover the toe with a bandage.

If you want to make the garlic oil at home, you should crush two garlic cloves and mix little olive oil to it. Leave the mixture for 24 hours and let it stand. You can use the oil after 24 hours. Eating garlic clove daily can also help in curing the nail infection.

Garlic For Nail Infection Baking Soda

Mix baking soda with hot water. Apply on the infected nail and keep for some time. Rinse the nail with water and dry it. You can also add some Epsom salt and peroxide to baking soda. Add white vinegar to this mixture and make a solution. Apply vinegar on the infected nail.Dip cotton in the baking soda solution prepared above and apply on the infected nail. Secure a tape on the nail and cover it. Reapply the solution after ten hours again and keep repeating it. This is an effective and inexpensive remedy for toenail fungus.

Baking Soda For Nail Infection Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has antiseptic properties. It contains citric acid, which helps in curing nail infection. Apply lemon juice on the infected nail directly for ten minutes. Then, rinse the nail with warm water. Do this remedy daily.You will see the positive effect of this remedy in one month. You can also add olive oil to the lemon juice and then apply on the infected nail. Olive oil makes the skin soft and lemon juice kills the germs that cause the infection.

Lemon Juice For Nail Infection Listerine

You can use Listerine mouthwash for the treatment of toenail fungal infection. Listerine has many chemicals that function as antiseptic. These powerful ingredients help in killing the fungus that causes the nail infection. You can mix Listerine with apple cider vinegar and apply it on the infected nail. You can also apply Listerine after mixing it with lemon juice. You should dip the infected nail in the above Listerine solutions for twenty minutes daily. Dry the feet completely after you apply Listerine.

Listerine For Nail Infection Turmeric And Onion

You can make a paste by mixing turmeric powder with little water. Apply the paste on the infected nail. Let the paste become dry and then rinse the nail to remove the paste and dry the feet completely. You can also rub onion slices on the infected nail. Both turmeric powder and onion will help in curing nail infection.

Turmeric For Nail Infection Orange Oil

Orange oil can help in curing nail infection. The oil has antifungal properties. Take pure orange oil and apply it on the infected nail with a dropper. You can apply the oil in the area surrounding the toes. Leave the oil on the nail and toes for one hour. You can mix grape seed oil with the orange oil in equal amounts.Some people have allergy to the orange oil. Therefore, you should test the orange oil by applying it on a small skin area. If the oil does not cause any reaction or problem, you can use it safely on the nails and toes.

Orange Oil For Nail Infection White Vinegar

Mix white vinegar to double quantity of warm water. Soak the infected nail and toe in the vinegar solution. Keep the nail and toe immersed in the solution for 15 minutes.Rinse the toe and dry it properly. Repeat the remedy daily until the infection is cured. If you feel irritation in the skin due to the vinegar solution, you can mix water in it.

White Vinegar For Nail Infection Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar prevents the nail infection from spreading. It kills germs and bacteria that cause the infection. Add the vinegar to equal quantity of water. Soak the nail and toe in this solution for thirty minutes daily. Dry the nail and toe properly after doing this remedy.You can make an exfoliating scrub by mixing rice flour powder with the apple cider vinegar. Rub the paste on the infected nail with a scrubbing motion. This scrub will help in removing dead skin cells. It will make the skin soft.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Nail Infection