10 Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Lice


Remedies For Getting Rid Of Lice

Lice are small parasites that survive on the scalp and hair. Basically lice are not really a problem on its own, but they multiply at a crazy rate and this means that you have a bigger problem at hand. Lice comes from external sources so it could be that some kid or parent at school had it and you got it from there. Or it could be due to contact with any other person who has lice (they fly from hair shaft to hair shaft).

Nevertheless, it is important to get rid of lice for the simple reason that you could also be potentially infecting other individuals. For kids, you have to get them out of the scalp faster because too much infestation could lead to infection and irritation.

Here Are Some Remedies That Can Be Tried At Home To Get Rid Of Lice

1. Nit Comb

Nit Comb

One of the safest and most suggested measures for getting rid of lice would be using a nit comb. These are special combs available in the market that have very fine bristles, which aids in getting hold of the lice faster. Experts can do it via fingers too but you need a very sharp eyesight and quick hands for it. Keep a bowl of water next to you. Preferably comb in wet hair as the lice gets caught faster on a slipper scalp. Once you get hold of one, put in water immediately to kill them.

2. Olive Oil

One of the best sources of hair nourishment is also a good way to get rid of lice. The oil on the scalp makes the lice suffocate and thus causes them to die. The pores of the lice are clogged and hence they are unable to breathe. But you should remember to oil the hair at night because lice have the potential to survive for hours without breathing. Cover the head with a cloth or shower cap. First thing in the morning, use a nit comb and then take out all the lice (make sure they are dead or keep them in a water bowl to kill them).

Olive Oil

3. Garlic

Another active ingredient that aids in killing lice the natural way is garlic. You would be amazed to know that the strong fragrance and antibacterial properties of garlic helps to suffocate the lice and kill them. Take the juice or extract of a few garlic cloves. Now you can add some lime juice to it to make sure that the odour is not very strong for you, but enough to kill the lice. Rub all over the scalp. Again, leave it on for at least 1-2 hours and then wash and comb using a nit.


4. Use A Hair Dryer

A quick but sure shot remedy to get the lice out of your scalp would be using a hot hair dryer. Again, keep in mind that for children very hot hair is not advised. Bend over and use the hair dryer while the hair is wet. This helps to disperse off the lice and suffocate them. Remember to do this in the garden or outside because the lice can spread around the house and thus infect more people.

Use A Hair Dryer

5. Vinegar And Salt

Vinegar and salt is a great combination to get rid of lice for good. It is a mild combination that can be applied on children too and hence is safe. For this remedy mix about 1/3rd cups of sea salt and combine it with the same quantity of vinegar. Mix well so that the salt is dissolved in the vinegar. Then apply it on the scalp using your fingers or even a cotton swab. Let it stay for at least two hours and then wash off.

Vinegar And Salt

6. Tea Tree Oil

The oil of tea tree has been used in different kinds of pesticides and insecticides but it is also a great way to get rid of lice. The strong fragrance and natural properties of the oil helps in suffocating the lice. What you can do is mix a few drops of the oil in water and use it as a rinse or even mix it in some regular oil and then apply it on the scalp. Make sure that the oil doesn’t come in direct contact with the eyes as it could sting.

Tea Tree Oil

7. Egg And Yogurt

Like other products, egg and yogurt is a great combination that helps in getting rid of lice. The probiotics in yogurt suffocate the lice while the eggs add some nourishment and help in getting the lice out of their safe zones. You should leave the mixture on for at least 20-30 minutes to ensure that the lice is suffocated. Then use a nit comb to take them out while hair is wet.

Egg And Yogurt

8. Hair Styling Gels

Most hair styling gels use petroleum as their base, which again aids in killing lice. Hair styling products stay on the scalp for a longer time and this gives you plenty of time to kill the lice naturally, without having to try too hard. Petroleum jelly alone doesn’t work as as strong but hair styling gels have some ingredients that trigger off the process of suffocation.

Hair Styling Gels

9. Spearmint Mouthwash

Spearmint based mouthwashes are a good way to combat the lice problem. These mouthwashes are easily available at home and helps in getting rid of lice for prolonged periods and prevents them from recurring. It is the strong smell of spearmint along with alcohol that works together to take out the lice and suffocate them.

Spearmint Mouthwash

10. Neem Oil And Paste

The oil of neem or even the paste of bitter neem works as a great lice killer. It is the bitter taste and aroma of the neem that helps in killing the lice. For this remedy, apply the neem oil or paste on the hair, by dividing it into many sections. Rub it gently and let the same stay on the scalp for at least 2-3 hours or overnight. Then wash it off and use a nit comb for getting rid of the remaining lice. You can also use a neem bath or rinse on the scalp.

Neem Oil And Paste

So next time there is a lice attack, there is no need to for you to opt for chemical solutions. These home remedies will help you prevent and treat lice issues.