10 Best Healthy Foods For Strong And Shiny Hair That You Need

Strong And Shiny Hair

Every body wants to have beautiful shiny hair. A beautiful hair can only be attained by only if it is healthy from inside. You can apply lots of beauty products on your hair either natural beauty products or an artificial one which makes your hair beautiful from outside but it is temporary you know. If you want a really healthy hair you must have a well maintained diet which can provide you lustrous and shiny hair which is also a healthy hair.

Here Are 10 Such Best Ever Healthy Foods For You Which Actually Helps You In Providing Healthy Hair If They Are Included In Your Daily Diet:

1. Soybeans:

Soybeans are great indeed for you if you want naturally healthy hair. Soybeans contain soy proteins which help in building the strong hair fibers. So, include this awesome healthy food in your daily diet to get healthy hair in a natural way. You can soak it in to water for overnight and can eat it as sprouts using in it salads or in burgers or in rolls. Otherwise you can cook healthy preparations with soybeans and include it in your daily diet.


2. Milk:

Milk is also a necessary food for your hair. Regular consumption of milk or milk related products helps in building hair fibers. Milk is enriched in protein which is also the main building component of hair. Include it in your daily diet to get a soft, healthy and beautiful hair. It also prevents problems like hair thinning and hair fall problem.

Hot Milk

3. Indian Gooseberry:

Indian Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C, anti oxidants and other minerals. Regular consumption of this miracle fruit provides you healthy and shiny hair. Not only that it strengthens your hair root solves the problem of weak hair and prevents hair fall. It is also very much helpful in keeping the shine and natural black color of your hair.

Indian Gooseberry

4. Egg:

The main component of our hair is protein. When our hair gets lack of protein it gets damaged and look dull. As a result it loses its natural shine, bounce and volume too. Egg is a natural source of protein which provides nutrition to your hair. It not only helps in using it in your hair masks but also very much beneficial for you if you include it in your daily food habit. It is also rich in biotin which is very much important for healthy hair.


5. Orange:

Orange is a great citrus fruit which is really a power house of vitamin C and anti oxidants. It is important for your hair as it prevents dandruff and any other types of scalp infections. It also helps in bringing shine in your hair. It also contains minerals in it which is helpful in the overall health of your hair.


6. Flax Seeds:

Flax Seeds are too good for a healthy a healthy hair. It contains lots of nutrients and most importantly lots of Iron in it, which is so important for a strong and shiny hair.

Flax Seeds

7. Nuts:

Try to incorporate nuts in your daily diet. Nuts contains lots of protein in it and a rich source of minerals like magnesium, iron etc. all these nutrients are helpful in gaining a healthy and strong hair in a natural way.


8. Cauliflower:

This superb nutritious vegetable is too good for your hair. Cauliflower contains Sulfur in it and contains lots of other nutrients in it. Sulfur helps in bringing extra shine in your hair and also helps in retaining the natural shine of your hair. Cauliflower contains Biotin in it which is so important for healthy and shiny hair.


9. Fish:

Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin A etc. All these nutrients are really important for a healthy and strong hair. Moreover fish does not contain so much of fat. So, you can easily incorporate fish in your daily diet if you want to have a naturally healthy and strong hair.


10. Mushrooms:

Do you have tried Mushrooms in your daily dishes? If not, you may try them now. This awesome healthy food contains lots of Biotin in it, which is important for hair growth and overall health of your hair. So, for a strong and healthy hair you must eat Mushrooms daily.