10 Amazing Diet Tips To Stay Slim Forever

10 Amazing Diet Tips To Stay Slim Forever

Everyone wishes that they remained slim forever. It would mean less of a hassle of not fitting into clothes or not looking your best for that family function. However, it also means that you have to switch over to some healthier tips and lifestyle. Doing so will not only ensure that you live healthier and slimmer, but it also implies that you will not gain weight too fast-

10 Amazing Diet Tips To Stay Slim Forever

Start The Day By Drinking 1 Litre Water

The rule of thumb for staying slim is to start off your day with one glass of  warm water, mixed with some honey and lemon juice. This combination kick starts your metabolism and also ensures that you flush out toxins. If you don’t feel like having warm water, then drink up at least 1 litre of water first thing in the morning. This flushes out toxins too and eases bowel movements along with getting rid of fat.

Warm Water

Try Eating Fruits On Empty Stomach

Fruits eaten on empty stomach provide much better results in your body absorbing nutrients. It has been seen that eating fruits on empty stomach also helps to the metabolism of the body to function better. Ideally a banana and apple should be consumed first thing in the morning, post drinking the water to kick start your fat loss process.

Have Fruits On Empty Stomach

Eat Your Meals Immediately After You Exercise

A golden rule of thumb that always works for dieting and remaining slim is to eat at least half an hour after you exercise. It has been seen that your metabolism is at the best during this time. So, if you are eating right after exercising, you burn off food much faster.

Do Regular Exercise Daily

Have Green Tea Instead of Coffee 

Post the workout routine, you should make sure that you drink up green tea. Regular tea and coffee are responsible for slowing down metabolism. Green tea on the other hand gives you a natural metabolism boost and aids in weight loss. It also contains antioxidants to help you stay younger. Drink up one glass of green tea at least.

Drink Green Tea For Good Health

Eat Eggs, Cereals And Oats For  Breakfast

For most people, breakfast simply means rushing out of the gate with a smoothie in hand or a glass of juice with just some toast. But that is really not healthy breakfast. Since you are going to be hungry for sometime, breakfast should comprise of something high protein, which replenishes your lost nutrients. So eggs, oats, cereals or even lean meats should be a part of the breakfast. Along with this, you can have either fresh fruit juice or smoothie for added nutrients. However, coffee should be avoided.

Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Eat Small Portions Of Food Every 2-3 Hours

Let your body feel that it is getting enough nutrients now and then. Else, the body starts thinking that they are being deprive of food and hence starts to store more of fat. So eating every 2-3 hours is a great way to combat this problem. Since you have had a heavy breakfast, you don’t have to worry about eating too much mid morning. Now is the time to have that coffee or tea along may be one cracker or even a small piece of muffin. But you have to ensure that you eat 4-6 small meals through the day, and keep providing the body with nutrients.

Eat Small Portions Every 2-3 Hours

Include More Fibre In Your Diet

One of the biggest mistakes that individuals make is not having enough fibre. If you want to stay slim forever, you have to consume a lot of fibres. This means no peeling of fruits and vegetables, because this is the part that contains the maximum amount of fibre. Along with this, have more of grains and cereals that are known for giving a fibre boost, which helps in weight loss.

Include More Fibre

Eat More of Raw Foods

Another simple rule to staying slim forever is to eat more of raw foods in all your meals. So that salad should include raw veggies and fruits instead of cooked options. It also means that you should stick to fruits of all kinds throughout your day. These boost metabolism and don’t add extra fat.

Eat More of Raw Foods

Use More of Olive Oil And Avoid Canola Oil

Olive oil is low on unhealthy fats and is suggested for light cooking. You can also get your healthier fats from extra virgin olive oils in salads and dressings. This way you get your share of fat, but avoid unhealthy oil forms. Canola oil should be avoided as it contains very high fat content, which leads to weight gain.

Olive Oil

Stick To Low Fat Processed

Pick foods that have the low fat label for all kinds of processed foods. This includes low fat butter, mayonnaise, etc. It is a small change in your life, but it will surely help you in staying slimmer for a longer period.