7 Home Remedies To Induce Labor

7 Home Remedies To Induce Labor

The onset of labor is a natural phenomenon which leads to the culmination of pregnancy. In some cases labor may not start on its own, hence it needs to be induced. The induction of labor is generally not considered a wise option before 40th week of pregnancy.

7 Home Remedies To Induce Labor

If there arises a need to induce labor at home, it should never be done without the supervision of a health care provider. The midwives and the elderly women of the family used to depend upon home remedies for induction of labor.

Best Home Remedies To Induce Labor

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a well known remedy to ease the bowels. It is this very quality of castor oil that helps in inducing labor. The recommended dose is 3 tbsp of this oil mixed with some fruit juice, and it is supposed to be taken at night.

The idea is that the cramps that occur in the stomach and intestines due to consumption of castor oil will stimulate the uterus also. This cramping of the uterus will induce labor.

Castor Oil

Nipple Stimulation

Nipple stimulation either by hand or by a pump releases oxytocin, the female hormone. This hormone has a natural presence in the bodies of women. Oxytocin is known to increase during natural labor to facilitate it. When the doctors induce labor, they use synthetic oxytocin hormone.

Evening Primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil is available in the capsule form and also as a pure liquid. This oil is inserted in the vagina for the dilation of cervix. This dilation helps induce labor in the uterus. It is recommended that one takes three capsules of this oil in the evening everyday, in all likelihood the labor will begin within a week. The evening primrose oil has prostaglandins that make the cervix soft to facilitate labor.

Evening Primrose Oil


A good deal of walking is often recommended to induce the labor or to progress the existing labor. The best way to walk is to take long steps, this act makes the cervix soft and helps the head of the baby to start pressing on the cervix. It is a common practice for women to take long strides so that the labor progresses properly.


Acupuncture and Acupressure

These alternative systems of medicine are very good if they are administered by the experts. Our body has energy channels, if they are stimulated at certain points labor can be induced. Actually, these pressure points are at located at the crucial areas where the hormones and enzymes producing glands are located.

Acupressure is considered one of the best ways to induce labor. There are four specific pressure points that trigger the action. These points are hoku spot, bladder 32, BL 60, and spleen 6.

Try Acupressure

Fresh Fruits

Eat pineapple slices, drink its juice and enjoy its smoothies. Pineapple will ease the intestines, a constipated stomach does not allow the labor to begin. It is believed that the enzyme bromelain present in pineapple makes the cervix soft which is followed by onset of labor. Similarly most of the tropical fruits like mango, papaya and kiwis stimulate and induce labor.

Fresh Fruit Juice


Eating a lot of garlic will help stimulate the bowels, resulting in the loose stools. Once the bowels are empty, there is more space for the baby to move, so the she starts coming down. Labor begins after the baby has moved downwards.

Garlic Cloves

The Other Home Remedies

Taking a warm bath, having licorice, eating spicy foods, and using basil are some other home remedies.

Warm Bath

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