15 Home Remedies For Pink Eye

15 Home Remedies For Pink Eye


Pink eye is a very common eye infection that can happen to both adults and children. This type of infection is also referred to as conjunctivitis. Though the condition is not very harmful for health, it is painful and extremely uncomfortable.

Even if you do not do anything to treat pink eye, it automatically gets cured within seven to ten days. However, there are several home remedies that can treat the condition much faster and you can get relief within 2-3 days.

Treat Pink Eye Naturally

Treat Pink Eye With Yogurt

When it comes to using home remedies for pink eye, yogurt can be very beneficial. Get some poultice yogurt and apply it over the infected part of the eye. This is a proven remedy and works in most cases.


Apply Salted Solution With A Clean Finger

This is possibly the oldest, easiest and most effective home remedy to treat pink eye. Preparing salted solution is very easy. All you have to do is just to add some salt into boiling water. Let it cool down a little. Then, apply a cotton ball dipped in this solution on the infected areas.

Salt Solution

Apply Lemon Juice On The Outside Of The Infected Area

You can treat pink eye quite effectively with lemon juice also. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with a towel. Get a couple of drops of lemon juice on a clean finger and then apply it on the white areas of the affected eye.

This remedy helps the eye to ooze out the pus that causes infection. Though you may get stinging sensation for a couple of minutes because of lemon juice in your eye, you will get quick relief after that.


Drink Vegetable Juices

Drinking vegetable juices has also been found to be very helpful in treating pink eye. The combination of carrot and parsley juice, in particular, can be very effective. The recommended method is to mix 300 ml of carrot juice with 200 ml of raw parsley. You can also use spinach instead of parsley for similar benefits.

Drink Vegetable Juices

Drink Indian Gooseberry

You can also drink Indian gooseberry juice to get rid of pink eye faster. Add two teaspoons of honey into one cup of Indian gooseberry juice for more effective results.

Pink eye can be treated within a couple of days just by drinking this mixture two times every day.

Drink Indian Gooseberry Juice

Use Aloe Vera As A Compress And Eyewash

Aloe Vera juices can be used as compress and eyewash to treat pink eye. You can prepare Aloe Vera eyewash by mixing half teaspoon of Aloe Vera juice and half teaspoon of boric acid in a cup of cooled, boiled water. In order to use it as compress, you should put a cotton ball dipped in Aloe Vera juice over the infected eye.

Aloe Vera Use

Calendula Flower Petals

Boil one cup of water with two teaspoons of calendula flower petals mixed in it. Allow the solution to cool down. When it is still a little warm, dip a cotton ball or soak a clean washcloth in it.

You can then use the same as compress over the infected eye. Alternatively, the mixture can be used as eyewash also. Both the remedies can be very helpful in curing pink eye.

Calendula Flower Petals

Use Turmeric To Prepare A Compress

Another effective way to prepare a compress for a pink eye is by mixing two teaspoons of turmeric powder in boiling water. This turmeric solution can be used as a hot compress over the infected eye.


Put Potato Slice On The Infected Eye

You can get rid of pink eye within three days by putting raw potato slices on the affected eye.

Do it at night for 10-15 minutes just before you are about to retire to bed. Pink eye can be treated quite effectively with this remedy within just three days.


Use Honey As Eye Drop Or Eyewash

Honey can be used as a home remedy for pink eye in two ways. Take two cups of boiling water. Mix three tablespoon of honey in it. Once the mixture cools down, use it as eyewash. Alternatively, the simplest yet highly effective way is to use honey directly as an eye drop. You can put one or two drops of honey directly into the infected eye.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used as a home remedy for an array of diseases and health conditions. It has powerful natural ability to treat bacterial infections. You can use it to treat pink eye also.

Get a cup of water. Add one tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar in it. Mix it thoroughly. Wash your eyes with a cotton ball dipped in the resulting mixture.

Apple Cider Vinegar2

Fennel Seeds

You can also wash your infected eye with a boiled mixture of fennel seeds and water after it cools down. This remedy works very fast and you can get quick relief from inflammation, redness and pain.

Fennel Seeds

Prepare A Hot Compress Using Chamomile Or Lavender oil

You can prepare a hot compress for pink eye by just putting some drops of lavender or chamomile oil on a clean warm cloth.

Put this cloth over the infected eye for five to ten minutes. Repeat this remedy for three to four times a day.


Coriander With Boiling Water

Another great way to reduce the swelling and pain in a pink eye is by washing it with a mixture prepared by adding freshly dried coriander in boiling water. Wash your infected eye with this mixture after it cools down. Alternatively, you can also use this mixture as a compress for quick relief.

Coriander With Boiling Water

Ice Pack

Ice pack is also one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of pink eye. It can get you instant relief from redness, itching and swelling.

Put a clean cloth soaked in cold water on the infected eye and keep on repeating this remedy again and again by changing water and cloth. There can be several other remedies also for pink eye. For example, rose water can also be used as an eye drop. Putting a slice of cold bread can also fight against the infection quite effectively.

Ice Cubes4