9 Detox Juices To Cleanse The System

Juices To Cleanse The System

Juices are one of the best things to consume when you are trying to detoxify and cleanse the system. There is no denying that with the amount of junk food one consumes and the environment pollutants that you breathe in, the body, especially the liver and lungs take a toll. The result is accumulation of toxins around these organs, which range from metals to fatty layers of junk food. But there are easy ways through which you can detoxify at home.

Cleanse The System

The idea is to avoid any kind of heavy meals when you are drinking these juices. Not only are these juices very easy to make, but they give you that added advantage of getting nutrients. But make sure that you don’t overdo them or else you can get an upset stomach. Try to consume them on an empty stomach and follow this for a few days for best results.

Here Are 9 Detox Juices To Cleanse The System:

1. All Greens

For those who are looking for a juice that is high on health and low on calories, but also detoxifies, this is the ultimate answer. It works great because it has all the essential minerals and nutrients that you need for the day (sans the carbs). So think iron, folic acid, magnesium, potassium or even amino acids apart from calcium and vitamins… All are loaded in this one drink. This detoxifying juice is the ultimate powerhouse breakfast drink. Apart from detoxifying benefits, it tastes great too and cleanses the palette along with internal organs. Simply mix together a bunch of celery, kale leaves, a green apple, one lime and some coriander. Add a piece of ginger for added cleansing. Drink it up on an empty stomach.

All Greens

2. Pure Pineapple

If you have been suffering from low blood pressure but need detoxification, then this is the perfect answer. Basically pineapple is high on sugar so it is not advised for those who are suffering from diabetes. However, it contains ingredients that cleanses the system right from within and has laxative properties too. In some cultures it is believed that pineapples detoxify so much that it may cause early abortion, but there is no scientific evidence to it. Avoid the processed versions and drink a freshly blended glass with a pinch of sea salt.

Pure Pineapple

3. Beet, Tomato And Carrot Juice

This is another juice that is high on iron and other minerals to boost your system but low on calories. The beetroot and tomatoes combine together to detoxify along with carrot. For making this juice, blend together a whole carrot, medium sized beetroot and a tomato. Do not strain because you need the fibre for apt detoxification. Add a slice of ginger to give it a sharp taste.

Beet, Tomato And Carrot Juice

4. Banana And Mango

Yes the is a calorie rich recipe so for those who are looking for a detox without calories, this is not one. But again, there are no artificial agents in this juice either. Natural sugar from both the fruits helps in providing you the right detoxification benefit. The best part is that you can follow this as an everyday breakfast recipe to because it is surely filling. Mango aids digestive functions while banana cleansing the system. Mix together a small banana with a ripe mango. Drink this thick juice on an empty tummy.

Banana And Mango

5. Berry-Licious

A quick and easy to make juice that is high on taste and nutrients too would be mixing all the berries together. Basically berries contain minuscule seeds that are chewable and even when blended you don’t have to really strain them. So mix together your favourite berries like strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc. If you want then add a small gooseberry to this juice because it adds to the sharpness of the taste and gives you a high doze of vitamin A, even as it detoxifies and flushes out the toxins from your body.


6. Fuji Apples With Cilantro

Fuji apples are very popular for their benefits to the stomach. It helps to soothe an upset tummy by gently flushing out harmful ingredients from the stomach. For this juice, you need peeled and cored fuji apples (about two should do). To this add a handful of cilantro leaves or coriander. It is said that cilantro is a great cleanser for the kidneys, liver and even lungs. So consuming it in juice form facilitates smoother detoxification and helps the body to get rid of harmful chemicals. You can add a few drops of lime to the same for better digestion.

Fuji Apples With Cilantro

7. Water Melon And Rose Petals

This is surely a strange combination but it works together to create a juice recipe that not only cleanses the palette but is also high on taste. Water melon is mostly water, as the name suggests so you can consume more than one glass if you want. But it is high in minerals and fibres that clean up the internal organs. Rose petals add a gentle fragrance to the juice while providing detoxifying benefits. Simply mix together a few edible rose leaves with deseeded melons and blend well. Strain it out if you want to and enjoy the taste. Works great as a Mocktail too.

Water Melon And Rose Petals

8. Lychee, Kiwi And Peaches

This is a delight for the summer because it literally has all the ingredients that you love about summer. The sour and sweet taste of the lychees goes well with the soft and tender peaches. The kiwi fruit here adds a bit of tang and the much needed seedy fibres to the juice. For making it, deseed the lychee and the peaches, then slice in the kiwi fruit and blend it up. Drink it up cold, after a work out to refresh and energise you, while detoxifying.

Lychee, Kiwi And Peaches

9. Grapefruit And Passion Fruit Delight

For those who don’t want to make their detoxifying juices something average, this is a cool recipe. It has grapefruit pureed up (you can use orange too) but with the pulp. To this sweet juice add some pureed passion fruit and keep some fruit intact. When you are drinking this juice you get the dual taste of the juice along with munching on some passion fruit too. Put the passion fruit at the bottom of the glass and then pour out the blended juice on top. You can use a spoon too if desired.

Grapefruit And Passion Fruit Delight