7 DIY Lentil Face Packs For Glowing, Acne-Free Skin

Glowing, Acne-Free Skin

Lentils are awesome skin care ingredients which can make your skin look adorable and beautiful. If you are constantly getting suffered from acne, pimples and such skin impairments, you must try using lentils which are proficient and amazing over such issues. Lentils, when complemented with ingredients which can fight pimples and acne, can get you adorable and bright skin in some time. Some women are fed up with the issue of pimples and acne which are rarely treated and relieved with numerous medications and remedies. For all those girls who are struggling to get beautiful and flawless skin which is highly away and hindered of pimples and acne, here are some awesome and amazing masks which would get you the skin you ever desired of!

Use These Cool Lentil Face Mask Recipes And Get Gorgeous Results In No Time

1. Lentil Milk Mask

Milk is an amazing skin brightening and lightening ingredient which would simply make your skin glow. This cool blend of lentil powder and milk would fight the skin issues like pimples, acne, dry and dull skin and would make your skin glow and shine! This cool pack can be applied once a week or more if you have more acne. You would surely get rid of the acnes and get glorious skin soon!

Lentil Milk Mask

2. Orange Peel Lentil Mask

Orange peel is highly used by women for treating the acnes, dark and patchy skin, for an amazing effect over the acne and pimple infected skin you must try this cool lentil face pack which would get you awesome results. Mix some lentil powder and mix it with orange peel powder. You can mix is with water and apply it on your face. This would fight the skin impairment like acne and marks and get you awesome skin!

Orange Peel Lentil Mask

3. Rose Water Glycerin Lentil

If you need a refreshing and blissful skin, here is a coo, and redefining mask which would simply get you awesome and mesmerizing skin. Mix some rose water, lentil powder and glycerin and apply this mask on your face. You would get rid of the pimples and get flawless skin in no time!

Rose Water Glycerin Lentil

4. Yogurt Lentil

Yogurt is amazing anti bacterial ingredient which fights the bacteria and infections and also fights the issues which can make the skin more dull and itchy. Mix some yogurt and lentil powder and apply this cool mask on your face for amazing and high impact results!

Yogurt Lentil

5. Honey Lentil

This face pack is highly promising and would get you awesome results. Lentil powder is amazing in fighting the pimples, scars and acne while honey is rich in smoothening and calming the skin. Mix some lentil powder and honey and create a thick paste. Apply this gorgeous and redefining paste on your entire face and let it work for 15-20 minutes. This pack would get you glowing and amazing skin instantly!

Honey Lentil

6. Rice Flour Chick Pea Flour And Lentil Flour

If you love the chick pea and rice flour which makes the skin more bright and beautiful combine them with the cool lentil powder for awesome results. Mix these there flours with water and apply this soothing mask on your face regularly. It would clean and rejuvenate your skin making it look awesome!

Rice Flour Chick Pea Flour And Lentil Flour

7. Lentil Turmeric Mask

If you want to get awesome results on your skin by avoiding marks, acne and pimples and by getting flawless skin, mix some turmeric powder and lentil powder and apply this cool paste with water on your face. This mix would get you rid of the acnes and would get you instant fairness!

Lentil Turmeric Mask