10 DIY Rice Powder Face Packs For A Clean And Clear Skin

A Clean And Clear Skin

All the beauty ingredients and secrets lie in our kitchens and this time, we are talking about rice flour! Very few women know about the bulk of benefits on using rice flour for various beauty treatments! This amazing ingredient is filled with a lot of nourishing and skin redefining elements which would never fail to make your skin get nourished and gorgeous! This cool ingredient is filled with amazing skin brightening, skin moisturizing and skin rejuvenating properties which would simply work miracles on your skin! In some part of the Asian countries, the rice flour is used and considered as one of the main and core ingredient which can be used in making the skin flawless and gorgeous. If you are still wondering how this can cool ingredient work wonders over your skin,

Here Are Some Amazing Skin Cleansing And Redefining Masks Which You Would Love After Just A Single Attempt!

1. Rice Powder,Rose Water And Honey:

These ingredients simply sound refreshing and also have similar results on your skin! This cool mask prepared from rose water and honey along with rice powder would make your skin adorable as never before! Mix some rice flour, rose water and honey and apply this mask on your face every week. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with Luke warm water. You would simply get flawless skin in few applications!

Rice Powder,Rose Water & Honey

2. Rice Powder And Yogurt:

Rice powder mask the skin dreamy smooth and yogurt is an amazing antibacterial and antioxidant which can make your skin rejuvenated and cool. This amazing mask prepared for the cool ingredients would ever fail to get you awesome skin! Mix some rice powder and yogurt and apply this thick scrubbing mask on your face. Rinse while massaging the skin smoothly. This would fight all the dead skin cells and would get you wonderful smooth skin soon!

Rice Powder & Yogurt

3. Rice Powder And Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is a cleansing agent which makes the skin clean and clear. This cool ingredient can work wonders on dark and patchy skin and leave you with refreshing, smooth and supple skin! Mix some lemon juice and rice powder and apply this mixture on your face. Let it work for 20 minutes and then rinse. This cool mask would make your skin bright and stunning for sure!

Rice Powder And Lemon Juice

4. Rice Powder Milk and Honey:

Milk has an amazing nourishing property which would nourish your dean and dry skin. The acids and minerals in milk would redefine your skin and get a refreshing glow! Mix some rice powder and milk and prepare a thick paste. Apply this cool mask on your face and let it dry for 30 minutes. This would make our skin retain all the moisture and make it look adorable!

Rice Powder Milk and Honey

5. Rice Powder And Egg Yolk:

For fighting the aging skins, to make the skin more tighter and supple, to fight the dead skin cells and for multiple such reasons, you must try this cool and redefining sin mask which would make your skin youthful and adorable. This amazing mask with redefining properties would simply get you adorable skin with no impairments. Try this face mask and you would simply get amazed by the results!

5. Rice Powder And Egg Yolk

6. Rice Powder, Oatmeal And Honey:

If you want a cool and skin brightening pack which can work wonders on your skin in all the possible ways, go for this nourishing and extra nourishing pack which would get you satisfied! This cool pack made from rice powder, oatmeal and honey has all the necessary ingredients skin requires.

Rice Powder, Oatmeal And Honey

7. Rice Powder,Gram Flour,Turmeric And Honey:

If you still love to bath with the cool turmeric ram flour and honey pack, add this amazing little twist in your mask and get even more adorable results. This pack would get everything to your skin from bright skin to smooth and flawless skin. Mix these ingredients and apply it on your skin! We assure you would never want to miss this session again!

Rice Powder,Gram Flour,Turmeric And Honey

8. Rice Powder,Orange Peel And Yogurt:

If you have greasy and infections skin and want a single remedy which can make the skin more stunning and gorgeous, Here is an iconic mask which would work wonders on your skin. This amazing mask prepared from rice powder, orange peel powder and yogurt would revitalize your skin and make it super smooth!

Rice Powder,Orange Peel And Yogurt

9. Rice Powder,Chocolate And Milk:

If you want a gorgeous skin brightening mask, here is a blend of items which would make your skin super smooth, beautiful and bright mix of chocolate powder, rice powder and milk and apply this mask on your face! It would add some added shine and glossiness to your face making it look bright and even toned!

Rice Powder,Chocolate And Milk

10. Rice Powder And Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera gel has amazing skin nourishing and smoothening properties which would make your skin refreshing and rejuvenated. Mix some aloe gel and rice powder and add some glycerin for super smooth skin! This mask would make your skin look younger and beautiful!

Rice Powder And Aloe Vera Gel

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