7 Useful Diet Plan To Lose Weight


While it is easy to gain weight, it may be all the more  difficult to lose weight. In today’s changing times a lot of emphasis is laid on looking good and fit. Hence, it becomes all the more important for people who consider themselves to be overweight to find some suitable ways which could help them shed those extra kilos.

Lose Weight

For this reason they may try going for some expensive treatments which may be helpful, but at the same time may be full of side effects. Hence before trying out any remedy outside it would be a better suggestion to start the weight loss program with some easy diet tips.

Weekly Diet Plan To Lose Weight


Kick start your day by having 1 cup of fat free milk, either an apple or a banana and ½ a cup of bran flakes. This should comprise of your breakfast. Your lunch should comprise of rice, bread, potato with chapatti.You could also add a piece of chicken, cheese and may be your favorite salad or fruit to your meal. End the day on a lighter note by having a dinner that comprises of fish, fat free ice cream, some grated cheese and any steamed vegetable.



When you get up, first thing in the morning have a spoon of lemon juice mixed with some honey. Then you can have a cereal with fat free milk for your breakfast. Your lunch could include 2-3 chapattis or a small portion of rice with vegetables. For dinner again you should eat something which is light like a sandwich or just plain salad.

Tip: You can try adding a small snack to the day like oat biscuits with a cup of hot tea. Even having green tea instead of regular tea could help you lose weight.

lemon juice and honey


On this day you can start with a cup of black coffee or tea followed by an oat meal prepared in fat free milk. Also have a banana or an apple with a spoon of sweet honey. Lunch could be some rice, dal and vegetable curry along with any of your favorite fruit.Dinner could include steamed potatoes and chapatti. Also on Wednesday try adding two snacks in between, but ensure that your calorie intake is in check.

black coffee


Choose to have a fruit bowl for breakfast including grapes, apples, bananas and other favorite fruits. For lunch try having tomato soup, 1 chapatti and also a cup of raw vegetables. Dinner could comprise of brown rice with any one fruit. A great tip would be to add nuts or fruits to your snack than having a fried food item.

grapes, apples, bananas


Settle for some fat free milk along with a few almonds and berries as your breakfast. Your lunch should be a chapatti with vegetables and a few cucumber slices. For dinner have a green salad with chapatti. Also have lot of water through the day and avoid soft drinks.

almonds and berries


For breakfast have a chapatti with some vegetable curry along with a cup of milk. For lunch have 1 chapatti, some rice, fish curry, tomatoes and onion rings. Dinner should comprise of brown rice, steamed spinach and an apple.



End your weight loss plan on this day by doing something special. Start your day with some Muesli cooked in milk or a chapatti with cheese as a breakfast.For lunch have your usual rice with salads and vegetables and for dinner have grilled chicken with a  chapatti and a slice of pineapple. Along with this diet plan   having at least 8-10 glasses of water a day will surely make your weight loss plan a great success.