5 Top Home Remedies For Bloodshot Eyes


Bloodshot Eyes Bloodshot eyes or red eyes are a term used for redness in the eyes by infection, by some injury, illness and allergies. There is not a particular reason for causing red eyes or bloodshot eyes. It occurs when the blood vessels around the eyes get irritated by different means and looks red. The various reasons that can cause red eyes are allergies, insect bite, and infection in eyes like conjunctivitis, continue looking for long time, ulcers, smoking, alcohol, cold, illness, less sleep and many others. The various symptoms that can be spotted in red eyes condition are redness on the eyes due to blood clotting, irritation in eyes, swelling, decreased eyesight, Pain in the eyes and sometimes fever and headache can also be appeared.Bloodshot eyes or red eyes are generally not considered as a serious threat, but if the period of red eyes extend vary long than it is better to consult your doctors. Many eye drops & ointments are available in local markets and drug stores that can be used for red eyes. Additionally you can also use some home remedies for treating bloodshot eyes.

Home Remedies For Bloodshot Eyes


Water For Bloodshot Eyes Relief

Water is all time favourite for cleaning eyes. We normally wash our face and eyes daily, but in case of bloodshot eyes you have to wash your eyes more effectively for getting relief. In case of getting red eyes take palm full of water and splash it onto your eyes. It is better to use cold water instead of Luke warm water. It will remove any insects or tiny particles that may be causing red eyes. Additionally you can lower your face and merging both eyes in water for short period. Try to open and close your eyes when in water. It is very effective, I have experienced it on my own.

Rose Water

Rose Water For Bloodshot Eyes Relief

Rose water is another home remedy that can help you in case of having bloodshot eyes. Rose water has soothing effects and helps in soothing and relaxing your eyes. It is a good practice to use few drops of rose water on your eyes in every 2-3 days, it will give a shining and glittering touch to your eyes. Rose water is also extensively used in various skin creams to cleanse the skin. For using rose water in red eyes, take few drops of rose water in a dropper and put 2-3 drops of rose water on your both eyes. It will definitely give you relief from itching & redness.


Cucumber For Bloodshot Eyes Relief

Most people are aware that cucumber is very useful in many eyes conditions. It is very easy and effective home remedy you can rely on for skin problems. We know that red eyes can be caused by various reasons including insect bite or injury or dust particles, cucumber is useful in cleaning the dust and other particles and relieves eyes. You can use cucumber on your eyes by cutting few round slices of it and placing directly on closed eyes. Stay for 35-40 mints in the same position and then rinse well, repeat this procedure 3-4 times a day and it will show some positive results.

Frozen Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Bloodshot Eyes Relief

Blood shot eyes or red eyes can be also treated with frozen tea bags. It will help in soothing the eyes and decreasing the itchiness of eyes. For using tea bags, first refrigerate them for 2-3 hours and then place the frozen tea bags over your closed eyes. Stay in the same position for 20-30 mins. and the rinse the eyes with cold water. It will help in minimizing the redness & itching on your eyes.


Milk For Bloodshot Eyes Relief

Milk is another day to day use item that can be useful in case of red eyes or bloodshot eyes. For using milk in red eyes, soak some cotton on chilled milk and press the cotton to release excessive milk. Place the milk soaked cotton over your eyes in closed position, stay in this position for 15-20 mints and then rinse your eyes with clean water. It will help to minimize the redness and itching.

5 Top Home Remedies For Bloodshot Eyes