Top 5 Home Remedies For Eye Infection


Home Remedies For Eye Infection Just 10 or almost 60, well, eye infection can happen at any age. Blame it on those nasty little pathogens – virus, bacteria or fungi that attack our body without permission. This results in common eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye, cellulitis, trachoma or shingles!

Sometimes even those well researched medicated drops won’t work to cure eye infections. Home remedies for eye infections have been proved to be very effective most of the times. Check out 5 home remedies that are safe, easy and viable.

Home Remedies For Eye Infection

Natural Honey

Honey For Eye Infection Relief One of the most effective natural cures for eye infection is honey. You can mix a drop of honey with a teaspoon of rosewater and use it as natural eye drops against infection. You can also mix a few drops of honey with water and use the solution as an eye wash at regular intervals.Studies have found that a compound called methylglyoxal in honey helps to a great extent in preventing infections caused mainly by bacteria.

Breast Milk Is The Best

Breast Milk For Eye Infection Relief Breast milk does not merely serve as the supreme nutrition for babies; it is also an effective medicine, a natural antibiotic for most of the diseases including eye infections. The high amount of Immunoglobulin A present in breast milk helps it fight against bacteria and prevents from attacking the eye membrane.Put a few drops of breast milk in the infected eye, especially if you have conjunctivitis, at regular intervals and you can see your infection getting cured.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander Seeds Reduce Eye Infection Coriander seeds are one of the best natural medicines to protect your eyes before infection and after infection due to its rich antibacterial properties.Add some coriander seeds to a cup of boiling water and allow it to cool. On cooling, wash your eyes with the coriander water. It also brings down the burning and swelling effect due to infection.

Tea Bags

Tea Bags Reduce Eye Infection If you are suffering from stye, place a tea bag dipped in warm water on the eye. Leave it there for about 5 minutes. The tannic acid in tea works to cure the infection. You can repeat this twice daily for better and fast relief.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds Reduce Eye Infection Just like coriander seeds, fennel seeds are also great natural medicine for eye infections due to its antibacterial properties. Boil fennel seeds in water, filter it and let the water cool. Use the water as an eye wash. This will help reduce pain, redness and bring down the inflammation. You can also make use of fennel tea as an eye wash to fight infections. Apart from the suggested home remedies, compress made of warm guava leaves, eye wash made of saline solution also works well for treating eye infections.

When you are suffering from eye infections, it is better to avoid using soaps, perfumes or other products containing chemicals anywhere near to your eyes. This will aggravate the condition. How these home remedies work, vary from individual to individual. It is also good to consult your doctor for any eye infections apart from using these safe home remedies.

Top 5 Home Remedies For Eye Infection