Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Seizures


Herbal Remedies For Seizures

Seizures occur in the ailment known as epilepsy which is actually the brain sending false signals. The intensity and type of seizures can differ from loss of motor control, loss of consciousness, mood swings etc. This disease can only be diagnosed for sure and analyzed after a brain scan has been done.

Although seizures can happen to people who are not epileptic, they are a primary symptom of the disease of epilepsy. Anti epileptic drugs have very strong side effects and most sufferers prefer to supplement their treatment with herbal remedies for seizures. These remedies may not be a replacement for traditional medicines but they definitely help in reducing the intensity of seizures.

Best Herbal Remedies For Seizures

False Pepper

False Pepper For Seizures

False pepper is a vine that has small yellow green flowers and is easily found all across India. The bark, leaves and fresh fruit of the plant are used in the creation of herbal medicine. This herb is capable of treating several problems like rheumatism, parasites, skin diseases, stomach problems, psychological problems, tumors and seizures. Embelin which is the active compound in this herb has properties that make it anti inflammatory, anti fertility, anti oxidant and anti tumor. Embelin has definite anti convulsant properties and hence is one of the best herbal remedies for seizures.

Bo Tree

Bo Tree For Seizures

This tree is a part of the fig family and is pretty large. It grows in South Asia and is considered holy by Buddhists and used in rituals and as a medicine. Ficus species has been used all over the world over the centuries for the treatment of epilepsy. According to recent research the figs of the Bo tree have the maximum level of serotonin as compared to all other figs. This large amount of serotonin acts as an anti convulsant and prevents seizures.


Kava For Seizures

This herb is especially advantageous for epilepsy patients because of its sedative effect. It is an effective remedy for epilepsy on its own and it also improves the results achieved by modern medicines administered to treat the problem. However, this herb should only be used under guidance of an expert herbalist because it has very strong side effects.

Violet Tree

The violet tree with small and fragrant purple flowers grows in the tropical portions of Africa. The roots of this tree are used as herbal remedies for seizures and other problems like discomfort, irritation, headache, and nervousness. The extract of the root of this tree has an anti convulsant action that can be compared to the drug phenobarbitone. Hence the effectiveness of this herb in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy is supported by research.

Violet Tree For Seizures


Valerian is a well known sedative herb and is widely used by herbalists in the US for treating insomnia. This property makes it one of the effective herbal remedies for seizures and it also has anti convulsant properties. Using this herb for a short time is completely safe although prolonged use can cause mild side effects. Research has proved the effectiveness of valerian as an alternative remedy for seizures and epilepsy. However, as with other herbs you should consult an herbalist before taking this herb.

Valerian For Seizures