Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Dislocations


A dislocation takes place when some heavy force is applied on a ligament, which results in the separation of the ends of two connected bones. Sometimes stress on a joint ligaments can cause dislocation of the joint. Shoulder is the most common dislocated joint. It is not that common in younger children.


Pain in the dislocated area, swelling of the dislocated area, difficulty in moving the dislocated area are some of the symptoms of dislocations. 5 herbal remedies for dislocations are as follows:

Herbal Remedies For Dislocations

Thyme And Cayenne Pepper

Take some thyme oil (5-6 drops) on a cotton cloth or on some cotton balls and then apply it on the affected areas and massage well for 10-15 minutes. You can also add some thyme oil to your bath water and then take a shower with it at least 2 times every day.If you have Cayenne pepper then take some (¼ teaspoon) in a glass of hot water. Drink it at least 3 times every day. You should include cayenne pepper in your daily die. You can also apply oil of cayenne pepper on the affected areas 2-3 times every day.

Cayenne Pepper

Marshmallow And Agrimony

Take some dried root of marshmallow and put it in 1litre of water. Keep it like that for 10 minutes and then apply it as a compress on the affected area. Just soak a cotton cloth or some cotton balls in the solution and then apply it on the affected area. Do this at least 3 times every day to get good result.

Another alternative is to use Agrimony.  Take 70 drops of fluid extract of agrimony per litre of water and then apply the liquid with a cotton cloth or a pad or gauze over the affected area. You can leave it like that for the entire night and remove it the next morning.


Willow And Horsetail

Take a pinch (2 gram) of the dried bark of willow per cup of water, let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Then strain it and drink it. Have 2-3 cups every day. Horsetail is another herbal remedy for dislocations.Take 100 grams of the dried plant in some water (per litre) and soak it for 30 minutes. After that pour it in a cup and have it. You should drink then at least 2 cups every day.


Common Kidney Vetch

Crush fresh leaves of common kidney vetch properly, take the crushed leaves on a gauze pad and then place the gauze pad over the affected area. Keep it like that for the entire night as it will help to heal the affected area. Repeat this procedure regularly to see noticeable results.

Kidney Vetch

Shepherd’s Purse And Comfrey

You could apply Shepherd’s purse oil as a lotion on the painful area with some cotton balls and massage well for at least 10 minutes. Do this 3-4 times every day as it is very effective in treating dislocation.You can also take Comfrey oil on a cotton ball, apply it on the painful area and massage gently. Use this oil 4-5 times every day. Thus by following the above mentioned herbal remedies you can easily get rid of dislocations.

Shepherd’s Purse