5 Home Remedies For Cardiomyopathy


Cardiomayopathy is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes weak and enlarged. This affects the pumping ability of the heart and the heart is unable to pump blood to the body in a proper manner. It can cause heart failure. Symptoms of cardiomyopathy are breathlessness, swelling in legs, abdomen bloating, fatigue, lightheadedness, exertion at rest, fainting, irregular heartbeat and dizziness.


The main causes of cardiomyopathy are high blood pressure, heart tissue damage, fast heart rate, heart valve problems, metabolic disorders, deficiency of nutrients, pregnancy, excess intake of alcohol, chemotherapy, viral infection and genetic diseases. Home remedies help in curing cardiomyopathy. The following home remedies for cardiomyopathy are as follows.

Home Remedies For Cardiomyopathy

Alcohol Intake

If you have cardiomyopathy, you should drink alcohol in limited amounts. Excess drinking can be very harmful, so you should avoid it. If you overuse alcohol and continue doing this for a long time, it can cause heart problems. Alcohol is toxic for the muscles of the heart.

Alcohol also causes nutritional deficiency because if you take alcohol, you will not take proper food. People who take excess alcohol have viral infection in the heart due to which there is improper blood flow in the body and this leads to tissue and organ damage. If you stop drinking alcohol, you will not have cardiomyopathy and the heart function will be improved.


Increase Fluid Intake

If you have cardiomayopathy, you should drink enough water and ensure that the body is hydrated properly. You must take drinks that do not contain caffeine.Proper hydration helps in solving problems caused by cardiomyopathy, so increase the intake of fluids. If you have diseases like heart failure, you may need to take fluids in limited amounts.


Control Body Weight

People who have cardiomyopathy should control the body weight. There can be sudden weight gain due to fluid buildup. If you are overweight, it will strain the heart. Therefore, you should weigh yourself daily and be aware of the weight gain. If the weight increases by 1.4 kg in 2-3 days, you should consult a doctor immediately and take steps to resolve the situation. You must do exercise to reduce weight. Choose an appropriate exercise program and activity after consulting a doctor.

Body Weight

Quit Smoking

Smoking can be very dangerous for cardiomyopathy. You can prevent and cure cardiomyopathy by quitting smoking. You may find it difficult to quit smoking because nicotine present in tobacco causes addiction.When you quit smoking, there are withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to leave smoking. You can take medicines that help in quitting the habit of smoking. You can also take help of counseling for leaving the habit.

Quit Smoking

Eat Healthy Food

Include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Choose whole grain products in the diet. Take foods that contain fewer amounts of saturated fats. Avoid foods that contain Trans fat. Foods that contain high amount of cholesterol are very harmful for the heart, so you should avoid these foods. Eat healthy foods like lean meats, poultry and fish.

Take fat free milk and use milk products that contain less fat or no fat. Take a diet that contains less amount of salt. Excess intake of salt can increase the blood pressure. Eating a low salt diet can help in decreasing the blood pressure. Eat foods and drinks that have low sugar.

Healthy Food