11 Home Remedies For A Liver Detox


Liver is not only the largest internal organ but also the most important one. Our body takes in a lot of harmful chemicals and toxins through food, cosmetics, and environment and it is the liver which purges our body continuously and flushes them out to maintain harmony among the different organs. If the liver stops detoxifying the body, toxins shall accumulate in the blood that’ll disrupt our normal functions and even cause death.

Home Remedies For A Liver Detox

How To Detoxify Liver Naturally

Lemon And Olive Oil

Olive Oil


Squeeze 2 lemons and shake well with half cup of olive oil. Drink this mixture just before going to bed and relax for about 20 minutes in a reclined position. Go to sleep after this and let the detoxification take place in your body.


Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle contains a group of antioxidant flavonoids that protect the liver from heavy metals and free radicals. However, do not take it if you’re allergic to milk thistle.


Artichoke is another member of the thistle family that can help clean the liver and gall bladder. It contains a number of phytochemicals that have antioxidant effects.


Licorice For A Liver Detox

You may intake licorice in any form you like. It helps to neutralize the toxic effect of the liver.


Dandelion For A Liver Detox

Popularly known to some as weed, this magical herb can do wonders not only on the liver but for the digestive tract as well. Laden with antioxidant properties it helps to detoxify the liver when taken regularly.

Epsom Salts

There are various diets that you may follow in order to cleanse your liver with Epsom salts. A liver cleanse with Epsom salts is quite tiring and should be reserved for a weekend so that you have ample resting time. Mix 4tbsp of Epsom salt in 3 cups of water and divide the mixture in 4 parts.

Epsom Salt

Survive a whole day on just fruits, fruit juices and bland vegetable broths. At 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. drink two parts of the mixture. At 10 drink ½ cup olive oil and go to bed immediately. Next morning take the remaining two parts after 6 a.m. You can start normal food intake from afternoon. This long and diligent procedure will help expel stones from the liver and cleanse it.

Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed Oil

Mix equal portions of flaxseed oil, grape juice and water. Add 2 tsp of ginger and garlic mince and consume everyday. This helps in cleaning your liver as well as the kidneys and flushes out accumulated toxins.

Fruits And Vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables in any form have always helped us in so many problems. They provide us with minerals and nutrients and never tax the digestive tract and infact helps cleanse the whole system.

Fruits And Vegetables

If you intend to cleanse the liver with fruits and vegetables then consume bland broths, juices and smoothies for 2 days without taking in any other food or medicines. This provides your liver ample time to rest and flush out toxins from within.


Water For A Liver Detox
Consumption of water to flush out toxins is necessary. The best time to flush is early morning. Take 1 glass of water, add a little honey and lime juice to it and drink it up just after you wake up in the morning. This helps to wash away toxins and needs to be done regularly.

Alcohol And Drugs

Alcohol And Drugs

These are just harmful chemicals that you add to your own body and will affect you later. Cut down on your consumption of alcohol and drugs as these produce toxins in your blood stream which have a negative effect on the body.


Yoga For A Liver Detox

Yoga has some well known postures for helping the liver to function properly. You can exercise everyday instead of doing yoga therapy to keep your body working well.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.