5 Foods For Prematurely Gray Hair


Foods For Prematurely Gray Hair Premature gray hair is not only a rampant problem among adults but also the youth and teenagers. There can be a lot of reasons attached to the problem. These include polluted environment, genetic or heredity reasons, any form of illness, and stress and tension. One of the many significant causes of premature gray hair can also be due to unhealthy eating habits or lack of nutrients in the body.As a safe and effective substitute it is always considered to opt for home based remedies and a particular form of diet that gives you desired results without any side effects. Medications are not always a good solution for the treatment especially if the ailment is not of serious category. Here in this simple diet guide we mention the top foods that you should adhere daily to get rid of premature gray hair-

Diet to Treat Premature Gray Hair

Have A Protein Rich Diet

Protein Rich Diet For Gray Hair To cure the issues of those ugly looking and premature gray hair make sure that you include high levels of protein in your daily meals. It helps in increasing the melanin production which is required for black and healthy hair. From sprouts to soy beans and soy chunks as well as fortified cereals are some of the vegetarian sources for protein.

On the other hand, all you non-vegetarians out there can consider red meat, chicken, oysters, fish, egg yolks, crab and even tuna and liver in everyday diet. Milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese are some of the dairy products that has high levels of protein in them.

The List Of Fruits And Vegetables Beneficial

Fruits And Vegetables For Gray Hair Fresh fruits and vegetables are those categories of food that has innumerable benefits packed inside. Particularly those foods that have extreme levels of Vitamin A and B will definitely help you with treating prematurely gray hair.

Herein, green leafy vegetables like spinach, turnip leaves and chard are recommended. Bananas, tomatoes and cauliflowers should also be included in the diet chart. Don’t forget to add some carrots that will help you extract maximum advantages where gray hair is concerned.All kinds of yellow fruits like mango, papaya and more should be eaten.

The Advantage Of Nuts

Nuts For Gray Hair There are some nuts that if eaten on a daily basis can give you visible outcomes for prematurely gray hair. Researches show that deficiency of copper can be one of the major reasons attached to the problem.

Cashew nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds will help you overcome this lack of nutrients in the body and also solve the gray hair crisis. However, eat this category of food in moderate amounts as it may have fat that might increase body weight. Dried apricots are also one of the top foods for the same.

Drink Loads Of Water

Water For Gray Hair Water helps out flush the toxins from the body as well as triggers the hair follicles for proper hair growth. Along with uncountable advantages, drinking 8-10 glasses of water will help you keep premature gray hair at bay.

Minimize Caffeine

Minimize Caffeine For Gray Hair Whether its in the form of tea or coffee, caffeine should be limited on a daily basis if ou want to get rid of this problem.

5 Foods For Prematurely Gray Hair