Drugs And Medications To Treat Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure, also known as hypotension is characterized by dizziness and fainting spells, is actually nothing but a lowering of the pressure on the arterial walls.

Drugs And Medications To Treat Low Blood Pressure

Drugs And Medications To Treat Low Blood Pressure

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Generally used to alleviate pain and inflammation caused as an immune response to the body, these drugs, even when taken in adequate doses, can raise the blood pressure.


In case of hypotension induced as a result of nervous system dysfunction, Midodrine acts on the nerves impacting the arterioles and veins and stimulate them to increase the blood pressure. However, whether this drug is effective or not, has to be studied yet in detail.


There is a lot of controversy regarding the use of caffeine for treatment of low blood pressure. Nevertheless, many people around the world include caffeine in their diet so as to spike up the blood pressure.

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Researchers believe that caffeine intake causes a blockage in the production of certain hormones that tend to widen the arteries. This causes a significant increase in blood pressure, though temporary.


In case of low blood pressure caused as a result of anemia, erythropoietin may be prescribed by your physician. It is nothing but a hormone produced by the kidneys that induce or accelerate the formation of RBCs thus reducing the anemic condition and finally the low blood pressure too.


Low glucocorticoids levels caused as a result of adrenal diseases may be bought to normal by use of Fludrocortisone, a man-made form of the natural substance glucocorticoids. It acts as an osmotic regulator and maintains the salt-water balance of the body. Its pathway in treating low blood pressure is still unknown.


Angiotensionogens are drugs that tend to induce constriction of arterial walls and blood vessels. This causes an increase in the pressure of blood in the walls leading to an increase in the blood pressure.


For patients with critical hypotension, noradrenalin may be used as a medicine. It acts as a vasodepressor thus helping to treat low blood pressure.


Usually injected under close medical observation, dopamine hydrochloride treats low blood pressure and heart failure. It works by directly impacting the sympathetic nervous system, and affects the heart rate and blood pressure.


Used as nasal drops, it is a general decongestant and is available over the counter. It is effective in increasing the blood pressure. It works by inducing vasoconstriction of the blood vessels especially the nasal blood vessels, thereby causing a gradual increase in blood pressure, which is beneficial for patients suffering from low blood pressure.

Use of medications to treat low blood pressure should be done only in case of critical and severe hypotension. Otherwise, dietary and lifestyle modifications are just enough. In case of hypotensive shock, immediate action is to be taken to prevent any further complications as the mortality rates in case of hypotensive shock is directly proportional to the speed of medical treatment applied. Volume resuscitation and use of vasopressors is usually carried out as a first hand treatment.