7 Best Treatments To Avoid Aging


7 Top Best Treatments To Avoid Aging

Wrinkled skin is the biggest nightmare in a girl’s life. But all have to face it. As the skin ages, it gets torn and it cracks. Skin loses its natural oil and elasticity. It gets thinner with age and loses its property to fight signs of aging. All these factors result in causing of lines or creases on the skin, which are commonly called wrinkles. Smoking, sun damage, few facial expressions like squinting, improper diet, non-removal of makeup, using wrong techniques for applying makeup may accelerate the process of aging of skin. People worldwide are spending millions on facial surgeries to remove wrinkles. Wrinkles can be dealt with using simple methods at home itself.

Alternative Treatments To Avoid Aging:

Moisturize The Skin

Moisturizing skin is one of them. Moisturizing helps in retaining natural oil of the skin. It keeps skin hydrated, which results in plumpness in the skin that eases out the wrinkle lines. It maintains skin’s moisture level, which results in radiant skin.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drinking lots of water keeps skin hydrated and prevents wrinkles. Also, consumption of water in high amount flushes out toxins out of the body through the urine, which keeps whole body and skin healthy. Drinking 6-8 litters of water every day is always recommended. It not only gives you a shining skin, but also help you digest the foods you intake in a proper way.

Drink Water
Use Sun Screens

Sun transmits ultraviolet rays which are very harmful for the skin. These rays can even cause skin cancer. Sunscreens should be applied before going out as it keeps skin hydrated and also prevents damage caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Use Sunscreen
Use Essential Oils

It is one of the simplest and economical options as moisturizers are easily available at the stores. And now we have moisturizers with varieties of essential oils, vitamins and scents. Consumers have a wide range of choices to select as per their skin type and requirement. A study was conducted by Olay, wherein it was found that normally there will be 52 per cent growth of wrinkles from the age of 28 to 36 if a woman is not keeping her skin moisturized. But by using essential oils growth of wrinkles can be reduced to 22 per cent. One does not need to use expensive cosmetic products. Using simple moisturizers gives significant results.

Essential Oils
Use Face Scrub

Using a face scrub before any moisturizer works great. Scrub has such particles which remove dead skin and blackheads from the face. After using a scrub, moisturizing skin will give great results and will make the skin look rejuvenated.

Plan Proper Diet

With wise choice of fruits and vegetables, wrinkles can be avoided. Vegetables and fruits like broccoli, strawberries, and oranges are rich in minerals and vitamins that keep skin hydrated. Also fruits and vegetables rich in Omega-3 fatty acid should be consumed as it helps the skin in retaining its natural oil which prevents wrinkles. Avocado, salmons, almonds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. Also fruits rich in Vitamin C like orange, strawberry should be included in the regular diet as it keeps the skin healthy.

Plan Proper Diet
Use Glycerine And Rose Water

Applying glycerine with a few drops of rose water will both cleanse the skin and hydrate it as well. Glycerine is a natural moisturizer and rose water has excellent cleansing property. These can also be mixed with the face packs to get excellent results.

Use Glycerine And Rose Water