9 Best Home Remedies For Nightfall



Have you heard about nightfall? Men may be aware of this word but many of them are embarrassed to admit it. There is nothing to be ashamed of! Nightfall is a condition in which a man gets wet dreams. In a nutshell, he ejaculates in his sleep. This is not a rare problem as there are innumerable men who are facing this problem.

Nightfall has other names such as nocturnal emission or wet dreams. A man does not have to be embarrassed about this because their body is made in such a way that it just happens. Men who masturbate too many times in a day, watch porn or think about sex way too much are prone to this problem. We understand that it is very discomforting and so, we have come up with some solutions for you.

There are certain home remedies which can help you cure nightfall. It is very uncomfortable in the nights when a person gets wet dreams or nocturnal emission. If the nightfall problem continues then it can lead to other health problems such as physical weakness, sexual weakness and much more. Are you ready to read about the best home remedies for nightfall? The only thing that you would need to promise yourself is to follow these home remedies. After all it is for your own good health!

Effective Home Remedies For Nightfall

1. Garlic

Garlic is used as a home remedy for most of the ailments in this world. Since it is a wonder home remedy, it treats nightfall too. Garlic will help you to get rid of the problem because it has a special ingredient in it. Allicin which is present in garlic helps in raising the blood flow to a man’s penis. If you chew raw garlic for few days, your nightfall problem will go away on its own. You can also saw the garlic cloves but make sure you drink a glass of water right after that.



2. Yogurt

Men who have frequent wet dreams should have yogurt twice or thrice in a day. Yogurt is good for health and it lowers the chances of getting wet dreams. If you include yogurt in your diet, you will see the difference in few days time. It is advisable that you should have a big bowl of yogurt thrice in a day. This will help you for sure!


3. Take A Bath

Take a bath before you sleep. This is not just any regular bath as you need to put a few drops of essential oils in it. This is an effective home remedy and has worked for many men.You can use essential oils such as rose, jasmine or lavender oil in your bath. This will help in preventing nightfall and you will get good sleep too. Taking a bath with essential oils will relax your mind and you will be able to sleep without thinking too much.

Warm Water Bath

4. Avoid Watching Porn

The biggest reason for getting wet dreams is because men watch too much of porn. When it is time to sleep, do not watch anything which arouses you sexually. It is best to pray to god before sleeping because that will help you to sleep peacefully.The best home remedy is to avoid watching porn before sleeping. If you want to get rid of the problem, you will have to say goodbye to porn or titillating images. Pray to god and think of pure things.

5. Sage Tea

Sage tea is the best home remedy which is used to treat conditions such as nightfall. If you drink at least two cups in a day, the chances of getting wet dreams will reduce too.You should drink this tea before bedtime and first thing in the morning. This will help you to get rid of the nightfall problem and will also keep you healthy.

Sage Tea

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6. Gooseberry

This is a popular Indian fruit. It is known as amla in India and is beneficial for overall good health. It acts as an antioxidant and improves the immunity system too. Since it is an antioxidant, it helps in getting rid of the toxins from your body.If you intake 2-3 glasses of amla juice in a day, you will see a major difference in your health. Your nightfall problem will vanish and your body will become healthy. You can also try mixing honey and turmeric in the gooseberry juice for best results. Try it!


7. Read A Book

Reading a book before sleeping can help you to get rid of wet dreams. However do not read a book which sexually arouses you. Try some book which talks about god, friends, college life or love. Avoid reading books which have sexual images or have a sexual plot. Read books which are inspirational and good. A spooky book will do too! If you read a good book, you will be able to sleep in peace without getting wet dreams.

Read A Book

8. Onion

It is proven that men who eat lots of onions do not get wet dreams. It surely reduces the chances of getting nightfall! So, you should eat onions on a daily basis.You can have onions in your salad or any dish that you like. Onions will help you to get rid of this problem. Our suggestion would be to have onions in raw form because that works the best.


9. Pomegranate

If nightfall is troubling you a lot then trust pomegranate. Pomegranate is a popular fruit which helps in treating nightfall. This fruit acts as an antioxidant and promotes better blood circulation.Since it promotes healthy blood flow, it helps in getting hard erection too. If nothing is working for you then try having pomegranate juice or eat the fruit as it is. Continue eating this fruit for about one or two months and you will see that your nightfall problem will vanish in no time.


You can try other foods such as celery juice, avocados and watermelon to treat the problem. Do not lose hope because these remedies will work for you. You do not have to go to a doctor for this as the above mentioned home remedies are excellent. A little tip from us would be to not think too much about sex. Sex is a need and we all know that! However you should try and think about other things too. Hangout with your friends and watch a comedy show before sleeping. Follow the home remedies and make little changes in your lifestyle. You will be fine soon! Take care!