6 Valuable Herbal Remedies For Yellow Fever

Herbal Remedies For Yellow Fever

Yellow fever also identified as yellow jack is actually a viral disease. Known to be a sensitive hemorrhagic disease, you get caught by yellow fever when the female mosquito bites you and in this process it transfers RNA virus to your body. In a very short time the virus spreads and thus the disease puts a strong effect on your complete body. The transmission is caused from Aedesaegypti mosquito species. Anyone can suffer from yellow fever, but mostly elders are more at risk. You can have jaundice, muscle aches, red eyes, headache, tiredness, vomiting etc which may lead you towards yellow fever. If the fever has expanded severely, you may experience internal bleeding, high temperature and kidney failure.

But not to get tensed much as yellow fever has its own treatment. With the doctor’s advice you can certainly try out significant herbal remedies instantly. Few effective herbs will help you with conventional treatment so that you can triumph over yellow fever. Normally while you travel, you tend to get affected by yellow fever; so you shouldn’t go through dirty areas. Well we have approached with 6 herbal remedies for yellow fever.

Best Herbal Remedies For Yellow Fever

Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds Reduce Yellow Fever

Fenugreek seeds work as a great herbal cure for yellow fever. Rich in fibre, protein, niacin, vitamin C, iron, potassium and alkaloids, fenugreek has the power to fight off yellow fever. The seeds and the leaves of fenugreek add aroma and taste to your food. You can put fenugreek seeds in powdered form in vegetable curry or in sprouted/fruit salad.


Cayenne Reduce Yellow Fever

Cayenne is yet another important herb that is advantageous for deadly fevers like yellow fever. Cayenne which consists of resinous and sharp substance called capsaicin chemical is essential in getting rid of this infection.You can ingest whole cayenne peppers as snacks or you can cook and mash the cayenne peppers in hot sauce or you can add cayenne in cooked food for flavor. The powder of cayenne can also be included in the liquids like health drinks or tea.


Feverwort Reduce Yellow Fever

Feverwort is proved to be herbal therapy for curing yellow fever. It is actually lengthy, paired leaves and dark red orange berries and its’ herbs are aided in lowering the fever. You can add feverwort herbs in juice or you can add them in coffee/tea.You can also put feverwort herbs (1 ounce) to boiling water for 10 minutes. Keep the mixture to steep for 20 minutes. Before you take your meal you should take ½ or 1/4 teaspoon dose daily.

Catnip Reduce Yellow Fever

Considered as traditional herb, the catnip will help you to diminish your yellow fever. As it is moderate in nature it is also used to hold off other distinct diseases like headache, insomnia, flu, children’s sickness etc. Catnip perennial herb works against the Aedesaegypti mosquito. You can use catnip oil which is of deep rich golden color as a strong repellent and they are aromatic too.

Garlic Bulb

In order to cure your yellow fever you can take the aid of garlic bulb. Garlic is reflected as natural tonic and also it contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances which also heal other related symptoms. You can drink tea with added garlic bulb pieces or include them in slightly sauteed curry.

Garlic To Reduce Yellow Fever

Golden Rod

Golden rod can be classified as a kind of flowering plant which is obtained in the sandy, arid soil which treats the yellow fever superbly. It can also cure other different fevers and cold.

You can use the golden rod herb on the affected area where the mosquito has injured you as it heals that portion. Every day at night make sure to put the herb on your body and in few days you will see that yellow fever has vanished fully. Therefore the above herbal therapies will certainly benefit you from getting over yellow fever.

Golden Rod To Reduce Yellow Fever