6 Great Diet Tips For Teenagers


Diet Tips For Teenagers Teenagers are often stressed out from school, co-curricular activities, family tiffs and most importantly peer pressure. Their busy schedules land them into a world of no breakfast, lunch from canteens and dinner from refrigerators. So, where is the time to think of health and its values? But what they do not know is that nutritious eating at regular intervals with physical workouts would recharge them to face challenges of adolescent life along with studies.

Healthy diet need not be boring all the time, rather some great diet tips given here would help them feel energized and keep them focused and healthy. It would limit the chances of asthma, diabetes, heart disease and obesity too that are too common in today’s teenagers.

Various Diet Tips For Teenagers

Water The Healthiest Option

Water For Teenagers Water cools you down and yes, it also helps in regulating metabolism and purifying the blood. Teenage years are often problematic for skin and water throws the toxins and fat as well out of the body. So start drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your immunity system strong.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Don’t Skip Breakfast After a full night of starving, your body is hungry in the mornings and can digest all fats, proteins and carbs. To get back all the energy, all you need to do is start your day with healthy breakfast such as wholegrain oats or flakes with milk, wheat bread with veggies of your choices or seasonal fruits and dollops of peanut butter, some fruity smoothie and omelets with vegetables. This would help you concentrate more throughout the day.

Include Iron

Red Meats For Teenagers You are dull and tired all the time then definitely you are short of iron in your daily diet. Try out some red meats, beans on wheat toast or cereals full of iron to overrule any possibility of anemia and maintain the hemoglobin levels in your blood.

Snack Mindfully

Munching and snacking all the time is quite common with teenagers. What they can do best is to swap food items high in fat and sugar for something which is tasty as well as healthy. Nuts, fruit salads, frozen yogurts and whole wheat bread with cheese slices are some of the snack options that would give you energy and vitamins as well.

Nuts For Teenagers High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods are especially for teens that are hungry throughout the day and need to munch on something. Fruits such as banana and apple, wholegrain snacks, granola bars, crackers and whole meal sandwiches are best to keep them full and would provide necessary fiber to the body as well.

High Fiber Foods For Teenagers Don’t Forget Your Calcium

We all know calcium is essential for bones and teeth development, heart and neuro-muscular functions. Cheese, milk, yogurt and fruity custards are dairy sources for the required calcium and 2-3 servings of them maintains good health of bones in the long run. Canned fish, kidney beans, lentils soy products and cereals are some of the non dairy options for adequate calcium in the body.

Say good bye to your aerated drinks, alcohol and caffeinated beverages to cut down excess sugar and calories, rather go for fruit juices and milk products to benefit you. Include a fitness regime in your daily activity to keep up good health and sound mind.

Calcium Foods For Teenagers