5 DIY Herbal Face Steam For Congestion And Cold

Inhaling herbal steam is a traditional remedy for congestion and cold. The vapor of the aromatic herbs helps in clearing the congestion in the sinuses. Moreover, the antimicrobial constituents of the herbs help in destroying the germs and reducing inflammation of the sinuses. By clearing the nasal passages, they help in providing rapid relief from cold and cough. Inhaling the aromatic herbal steams for about five minutes is considered enough for reducing congestion. As this is a time tested remedy, it is considered safe for overcoming sinus congestion and common cold.

Here Are 5 DIY Herbal Face Steam For Congestion And Cold

1. Lavender Steam

Put a tablespoon of lavender flowers in a pan of boiling water. Remove the pan from the heat. Cover your head with a towel and allow the ends to hang over the pan containing the steaming lavender decoction. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to inhale the steam. Repeat if desired.[1]

Lavender Steam

2. Chamomile Steam

Add a handful of chamomile flowers to a bowl of boiling water. Follow the instructions given above to inhale the steam. Inhale the vapor for five to ten minutes. To further boost the effectiveness of the steam inhalation, combine dried calendula flowers with equal amount of thyme and oregano. Add a tablespoon of the mixture of herbs to the boiling water.[2]

Chamomile Steam

3. Eucalyptus And Wintergreen Steam

Put a handful of fresh eucalyptus and wintergreen leaves to a bowl of boiling water. When the temperature of the water is above 110°F, remove the pan from the stove and breathe in the vapor. Menthol present in the herbs help in clearing the congestion and eases breathing.[3]

Eucalyptus And Wintergreen Steam

4. Eucalyptus, Thyme, Rosemary And Peppermint Steam

Pour four cups of water in a pan and bring it to a boil. Add three tablespoons of eucalyptus leaves, two tablespoons of thyme leaves, one tablespoon of rosemary leaves and one tablespoon of peppermint leaves. Remove the pan from the heat and cover the pan. Allow the herbs to steep in the boiling water for about five minutes. Now inhale the steam.[4]


5. Thyme And Peppermint Steam

To a liter of boiling water, add a teaspoon of thyme leaves and a teaspoon of peppermint leaves. Cover the pan and infuse the herbs for about 15 minutes. Strain and preserve the liquid. Breathe in the herbal vapor for relief from cold and congestion.[5]

Thyme And Peppermint Steam