4 Home Remedies For Anorexia


Home Remedies For Anorexia

Anorexia, a disorder where the individual loses appetite or does not feel hungry is typically characterized by low weight and distortion of the physique. While research has studied possibilities of a genetic base for this disorder, most doctors agree Anorexia is a health condition brought on by the suffering individual on himself/herself through extreme measures like staying hungry or throwing up eaten food, mostly for an obsessive desire to lose weight and stay slim.

In time, the body stops digesting and assimilating food as easily as in other normal individuals and the individual shows aversion to food despite extremely low body mass. This is primarily owing to the fact that stomach stops or greatly reduces the natural secretion of gastric juices. A severely anorexic individual may suffer an organ dysfunction, sleeplessness and social withdrawal. Some home remedies can help in curing anorexia. The best home remedies for anorexia are as follows.

Various Home Remedies For Anorexia


Ginger For Anorexia

Anorexia can be effectively treated with natural foods that enhance appetite while boosting digestion and ginger works as a top home remedy. Peel off ginger and grind it adding to it some lemon juice, black pepper and small quantity of asafetida.This paste, taken empty stomach every morning boosts appetite, improving salivation. Ground ginger can be mixed with salt and taken once daily for same effect. Having ginger tea with lemon also helps.


Fruits For Anorexia

Grapes and oranges are excellent for anorexic individuals and so are apples. While apples provide essential iron and lend a sense of fullness, they are loaded with natural antioxidants that stimulate appetite by stimulating pepsin flow in stomach. The juicy fibers of oranges work the inner walls of the stomach and stabilize the body’s Vitamin C requirement. A daily intake of minimum two oranges is recommended in Anorexia.

Orange juice with warm water curbs the anorexic tendency to throw up. Sour grapes in their raw form or juiced out along with rock salt form excellent appetite boosters. A common home remedy using sour grapes is kneading of flour with grape juice and having bread made of it. Eating sour grapes raw aids digestion and provides body with crucial minerals and vitamins.


Different spices along with other foods or juices can benefit the digestion in anorexia. Cloves boiled in water and taken with lemon juice improve symptoms. Black pepper taken with lemon and ginger is another simple solution to digestive trauma caused in anorexia.Foods containing spices like cinnamon, pepper, cardamom and chilly warm the stomach and improve appetite. Teas and infusions with different spices like cinnamon improve the stomach’s readiness to digest food.

Spices For Anorexia

Soups & Salads

Have salads containing raw or parboiled vegetables and greens like cucumber, carrots, tomatoes and cabbage at least 30 minutes before the meal. You must garnish these salads with lemon and salt. Such preparations are light and quickly absorbed by a severely dysfunctional digestive tract. You can take warm soups made of vegetable broth and light spices.You can also take chicken soup and garlic to it. Chicken soup improves the digestive power. Tomato soup garnished with black pepper is readily absorbed. Alternately raw tomato salad with cucumber and greens can be eaten.

Soups For Anorexia