12 Home Remedies For Acidity


Home Remedies For Acidity A bloated stomach conjugated with acidic burps is a sure irritation. Owing to unhealthy lifestyles and tight work-schedules, today acidity has become one of the commonest medical problems. Also called Gastric reflux, acidity is the physical condition which involves excessive secretion of acidic fluids from gastric glands in stomach.Although, the normal secretion of acidic fluids is necessary to regulate the digestive system of human body, an increased production of such fluids leads one towards heartburn, dyspepsia and many more related symptoms. However, it is found that acidity is more common among the individuals who are highly emotional in nature but pregnancy, alcohol consumption, eating disorders and diabetes are other common reasons which give way to disproportionate acidic reflux in one’s body.

With the fact that medical science considers acidity as the flag bearer for many other maladies such as gastric ulcers, baldness, abdominal pain, phlegm etc., it becomes crucial to get a quick treatment for its cure.And when it comes to quick remedies, home-remedies mark their entry as an unquestioned way-out. Considered to be an effective branch of naturopathy which is known for its harmless after-effects, home based medicines have been offering relief to people in many diseases.

Hence, to stay in best of your health and get rid of acidity immediately, give a thought to remedial tips mentioned below; these treatments have borrowed their belongings from natural substances which are available in your home.

Top 12 Home Remedies For Acidity

Basil Leaf

Basil Leaf For Acidity Relief Commonly known as tulsi leaves in Indian subcontinent, basic leaves are taken to be a great cure for acidic conditions.It is suggested by naturopathy experts to chew a few fresh basil leaves to immediately cut down the burning sensation in your heart which is a common outcome of excessive secretion of acidic fuels.

Fruity Therapy

Fruity Therapy For Acidity Relief Though numerous fruits work as a catalyst to increase gastric reactions in your stomach due to their acidic nature, there are a number of fruits too, which work as a great treatment to offer you an instant relief from acidity. Banana, cucumber and watermelon are suggested as a great medicine to avoid acidity. And, these are the fruits which could be found in every household.

From Your Spice Basket

Coriander Seed For Acidity Relief One of the most common reasons of acidity is spicy food but an age-old cure for acidity resides in your spice basket only. Intake a teaspoon of powdered aniseed or coriander seed with a glass of lukewarm water and you would be amazed by the magical effect of the medicine.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is one of the most important ingredients of the recipe of most of the natural medicines.An effective cure for numerous diseases, Indian gooseberry or Amla (the popular name of the medicinal fruit) works wonder when it comes to treating acidity. For best results, it is suggested to take amla juice with chebulic myroblan.
(Note – mix one table spoon of amla juice with equal amount of chebulic myroblan)

Indian Gooseberry For Acidity Relief Milk Therapy

Milk is the essence of a balanced diet. Sufficing nutrition requirements of our body, it also helps in keeping acidity under control. Cold milk is prescribed as great medicine in nature care to get fast relief from acidic heartburn and stomach bloating.

Milk Therapy For Acidity Relief Aloe Vera 

When it comes to natural treatment of acidity, Aloe Vera is an all time favorite medicine. Due to its wonderful digestive abilities, it is considered to be a great treatment for upset stomach and bowel caused inflammation.To get the best benefits of aloevera juice to treat acidity, it is recommended to take one ounce of juice with two ounces of water every morning. Now, you beauty secret will curb your acidic issues too.

Aloe Vera For Acidity Relief Fabulous Fibers

Since diet has to play a major role in regulating bowel functions of human body, it is always suggested to include loads of fiber-foods in one’s daily diet regime. Fiber rich food not only helps you in good digestion but also reduces the amount of acidic fluid in your body, which helps in keeping your stomach bloat-free and acidity at bay. Some of the fiber rich foods are nuts, carrot, reddish etc.

Fiber Rich Food For Acidity Relief Minty Solution

If mint is one of your favorite flavors, chances are more that acidity hardly hassles you. In natural therapy, mint is considerably one of the most trusted medicines for acidity.Mint can be taken either way, you can go for fresh juice or can boil few leaves in a cup of water to make mint-tea. Regular consumption of mint juice or mint-tea effectively controls the secretion of acidic fuel in stomach.

Mint For Acidity Relief Water Is The Best Cure

Drinking plenty of water is the best way to enjoy a never-lasting sound health. You must keep drinking water throughout the day on regular intervals. It helps you to maintain acidic balance in your stomach and avoid gastric reflux.
(Note – though water consumption is important to stay prevented from acidity but you must not drink water immediately after lunch or dinner. A negligence of this crucial tip could result in a disproportionate balance of acidic fluid production in your body.)

Water For Acidity Relief Jaggery Post Lunch Or Dinner

If acidity mostly troubles you in afternoons or nights, one of the best solutions to avoid it is consumption of little amount of jaggery after finishing of lunch and dinner.

Jaggery For Acidity Relief Consume Amino Acid Rich Food

Glutamine is an essential amino acid for human body. This amino acid has an anti-inflammatory nature which is helpful in reduction of intestinal inflammation and keeping acid reflux under tab. Glutamine can be found in common edibles which are available in your home such as milk, egg, parsley, spinach, fish etc.

Amino Acid Rich Food For Acidity Relief Foods To Avoid

A disorganized eating habit is the most common reason for acidity or acid reflux. So, the first thing to avoid acidity is to keep a cautious eye on your dietary habits. It is suggested to cut back on spicy and non-vegetarian foods to keep the possibility of gastric reflux minimal. Acid containing edibles also cause increased acid reflux, so, it is better to avoid foods such as tamarind, curd, vinegar etc. during acidic attack.

With all these cheap and effective medications available in your home, forget about those costly over the counter medicines for acidity which you used to take previously.