12 Foods And Drinks That Cause Yellow Teeth And What To Do About It



We all live in a society which no matter what still gets bothered about each others personality. People who are having good personality are persona grata in corporate and other fields. At this point it is very important that we carry a neat and shiny pearl white smile. A good smile is very important as it enhances meetings. Some foods & drinks must be avoided at workplace as well as regular consumption which can mar your smile when out on an important meetings & discussions etc.

List Of 12 Foods And Drinks That Cause Yellow Teeth And What To Do About It

Coffee And Tea

Since the outer layer of our tooth is very porous any kind of food and drinks gets easily absorbed. Consumption of black coffee can stain your teeth as it contains caffeine which gets easily absorbed. Drinking in less quantity, regular brushing and adding milk can reduce the stain. Tea can also make one’s tooth yellow as it contains tannin. Adding milk can help but still our porous tooth can absorb the contents so it is advisable to rinse the mouth immediately or brush the teeth to maintain its whiteness.

Tea And Coffee

Red Wine And Alcohol Beverages

Red wine may have many health benefits but it has one short coming and that is it causes stain on the teeth. The process of wine making involves fermentation which forms acids which affect the teeth very fast. The acids get absorbed very quickly in the teeth making its color yellow, orange color and red. So is the case with alcohol as it contains ethanol, methanol and many other substances which gets absorbed and later is responsible for loss of gloss & whiteness from the teeth. Rinsing the mouth after the consumption is much better.

Red Wine

Fruit Drinks Rasnaas And Mango Juices

Fruit juices like sapota, banana shake and other colored drinks like rasnaas which is for kids are also responsible for making the teeth stain with colors and make it yellow. Mango juices like slice, maaza & frooti contain sucrose combined with colors which gets engrossed in the tooth layer from inside out and make the teeth yellow.


Chocolate Biscuits And Glucose Biscuits

Recent studies have revealed that consuming chocolates biscuits and even plain glucose and sucrose content biscuits are responsible for causing yellow teeth’s. After the consumption if the mouth is not rinsed for long time. The engrossed contents slowly work on changing the colors of the teeth brown, yellow etc.

chocolate biscuit

Various Sauces And French Fries

Various sauces like tomato, white wine sauce and other spiced sauces, soy sauce, Chinese food can also cause stained teeth. Besides, these junk foods like French fries, cheese pizzas consumption are responsible for causing yellow teeth’s. French fries are responsible for causing yellow teeth. Pizza has combination of cheese and sauces which also causes yellow teeth but through slow process if the mouth remains unclear. Besides, this after pizza consumption additional combination of drinks like colas also causes stains on the teeth especially the inner teeth.

french fries


Blueberry fruit packed with antioxidants are the healthiest fruits. But unfortunately, the skin contains natural dark colors which are responsible for making the teeth’s yellow. So washing the mouth after consumption is good.



Though beetroots have red colors and the tongue becomes pink after consumption. But the studies have revealed that after consumption it gets engrossed with the teeth and later makes the formation of yellow color on the teeth.


Spiced Gravy

Most of the people love to have sumptuous food with lots of spiced gravy with additional combinations of colors like saffron etc. But these gravy’s are responsible for causing a long lasting yellow stain on the teeth even after wash. As the additional color and spices gets easily engrossed on the layers of the teeth. The best remedy is to brush the teeth.



Vinegar contains cetic acid which is produced by fermentation of ethanol by the good bacteria’s. But these are somewhere responsible fro causing stain in the teeth also spoiling the layer & coating of the teeth.



Slushies are very refreshing during summer but are largely responsible for staining the teeth and making it colorful also which ultimately results in yellow teeth. So washing the mouth is the best way to deal with it.


Dark Colored Juices Sodas And Drinks

Dark colored juices are good for health but they stain the teeth. Sodas contain citric acids which spoils the layers of the teeth, its enamel.


Fluorine Drinks

Drinks which contain fluorine or fluoride must be avoided. Certain toothpastes also contains high amount of fluorine. Excessive brushing also causes yellow teeth’s.