11 Effective Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain



11 Effective Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Any kind of pain up to a particular limit is bearable. But when the same pain more severe, it becomes unbearable for any of us to bear such pain any longer. In that too, dental pain is the worst form of pain. Since the tongue and throat are internally connected with our nose and ear, the end result of such pain is that all three organs also become numb. In such a case, we are unable to think or do anything and all our activities suddenly come to a standstill. In some cases, even pain killers fail to show any effects. We are then technically left with no option but to sit and bear the pain, particularly of our dentist is also not available at that time. But if you try some homemade remedies you might experience some or in some cases even complete relief from your nasty tooth ache.

11 Effective Home Remedies For Wisdom Tooth Pain

Ice Cubes:

One of the simplest remedies to drive away the severe wisdom tooth pain is to rub some ice cubes wrapped in a cloth on the painful portion. Ice will help in making the painful nerve ends numb and relieve you of the pain instantly.

Ice cubes


Available in every household, salt is an effective remedy to drive away the pain. All you have to do is to take around one teaspoon of salt and mix it in warm water. Gargle this mixture, salt will help will not only reduce inflammation, but will also reduce infection.

Epsom Salt

Salt Pepper Paste:

One more variation of this is to take salt and pepper in equal proportion and just add a few drops of water to it and form a paste. Apply this paste for 2 to 3 days consistently and see the difference.

Salt Pepper Paste


Antibiotic, antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory, garlic has all the qualities required to ward off tooth ache. Either you can chew its cloves or make small pieces of garlic cloves and put those in the painful area. Else make a paste of garlic cloves and rock salt and apply and wash after 20 to 15 minutes.



Onion also boasts of antibacterial, antiseptic as well as antimicrobial properties, making it fit to fight nasty pains like toothaches. Just chew some raw slices of onion and see the difference. If you don’t feel like consuming onion, then keep a slice of onion on the affected portion for some time and remove.



Clove has been used for many years as an effective remedy for toothache. Cloves not only are anesthetic and analgesic which helps in toning down the pain, but are also antiseptic and antibacterial which prevents the infection from growing further. Either you can put some clove oil on a cotton swab and then apply to the affected portion, or you can put one single clove on the painful area. Alternatively, form a paste of clove oil along with rock salt and a garlic clove and apply this paste.


Guava leaves:

Touted as the best remedy for toothache, guava leaves provide a remedy like no other. These leaves contain a substance known as ‘Querecetin’ which is basically antispasmodic in nature. Apart from this, these leaves also contain anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial as well as analgesic properties. So just chew some guava leaves or boil them in hot water, strain and use it as a mouthwash.

Guava Leaves


Peppermint is basically an herb which has strong anesthetic pain helping you to overcome the severe toothache. Moreover, peppermint also helps in destroying any infection producing harmful bacteria. Just rub some leaves of peppermint on the painful area and keep it on for some time before you wash it. Alternatively, you can also use it in the form of a liquid mouthwash by adding them to boiling water and then straining them. Gargle this liquid and repeat after regular intervals. It is very effective.


Wheat Grass:

Known as an antibiotic, wheat grass helps in getting rid of any toxins from your body, which helps in substantial reduction of pain. Either you can chew some wheatgrass leaves or you may also use wheatgrass juice and have it like a liquid mouthwash at regular intervals in a day.


Vanilla Extract:

Vanilla extract consists of alcohol, though in very small proportion. Apart from this, it is also rich in antioxidant properties which help in toning down the pain by making the part numb. Using a cotton ball or swab to just take a few drops of vanilla extract and hold it against the painful part. If pain persists, increase the frequency.

Vanilla Extract


Last but certainly not the least asafetida is one more option which you can try in case of a severe toothache. Asafetida is very effective in treating nasty toothaches and bleeding gums. Either you can use 1 or 2 teaspoons of asafetida in lemon juice, form a paste and rub it on the painful tooth or gums with a cotton ball or you may mix it with butter (preferably clarified) and apply that on the painful part for instant relief. So the next time you suffer from a wisdom toothache, instead of consuming tablets and pain killers, opt for these simple homemade remedies and say goodbye to your pain.

Asafetida Powder