10 Best Vitamins For Women


Vitamins are essential for a number of physiological processes of life. They regulate mineral metabolism, regulate the tissue and cell growth, function as an antioxidant, provide for good vision, and also function as the co-factors of enzymes, and carry out several other functions as well. The modern and health cautious women should know the importance of the nutrient. Women should include the vitamins (in adequate amounts) in their daily diet, to avoid the vitamin deficiency diseases, and for having a healthy and joyful life. Deficiency of certain vitamins can give rise to irreversible and even fatal health conditions. Vitamins also provide for gorgeous looks of the women, are anti-aging, and help in relieving certain women-specific health conditions as well. Hence, women should be aware of the various vitamin needs of their body.

Here Are 10 Best Vitamins For Women

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A provides the eyes the ability to see in the dark. It also has antioxidant properties that provide for reducing aging. Apart from boosting the immune system, Vitamin A also strengthens bones, soft tissue, skin and other body parts and areas. The best sources of vitamin A are tomatoes, watermelon, apricots, carrots, kale, papaya, red peppers, milk, eggs and fortified cereals.[1]


2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It provides for the absorption of calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphate, and contributes towards the formation of bones and teeth. Women also require the vitamin for reducing the symptoms related to pre-menstrual syndrome. A deficiency of the vitamin can cause weak bones and bone diseases like osteoporosis. The proper body level of the vitamin provides for controlling of diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. While optimum exposure to sun is a nice and easy way of initiating the synthesis of the vitamin in the body, some foods like eggs, liver, fortified milk and fish also contain it. [2]


3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C keeps the skin healthy by forming collagen, and is a known antioxidant. The vitamin is essential for the working women to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Women who consume the vitamin daily in required amounts enjoy better immune health, faster tissue growth and can control diseases like heart disease and cancer better. Good sources of the vitamin are oranges, amla (Indian gooseberry), kiwi, peppers, grapefruits, sprouts, tomatoes and other foods.[3]


4. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential for the coagulation of blood.The vitamin also provides for strong bones and a reduction in the occurrence different kinds of heart diseases. Some of the sources of the vitamin include fish oil, soybean, and green leafy vegetables. [4]

green leafy vegetables

5. Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin acts as a coenzyme. It participates in some of the most important metabolic functions of the body, including respiration and burning of glucose for energy obtainment. Riboflavin is also important for proper vision, provides for a healthy immune system and reduces anxiety and stress. Good sources of the vitamin are eggs, cheese, milk, liver, green leafy vegetables, legumes. Almonds and mushrooms. [5]


6. Vitamin B6 Or Pyridoxine

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) is an important coenzyme that provides for the metabolism of lipids, glucose and amino acid. The vitamin is also essential for the synthesis of hemoglobin. Pyridoxine also provides for the genetic/hereditary expressions. Lack of pyridoxine can well cause anemia. It is also essential for a healthy immune system. The vitamin provides for a reduction in depression and memory loss, controls heart diseases and is essential for all women, like other vitamins. Pregnant women can have some extra vitamin B6 intake for getting rid of the condition of morning sickness. Some of the foods having good amounts of the vitamin includes bananas, beef, turkey, pork, pistachios, potatoes and chickpeas. [6]


7. Vitamin B7

Vitamin B7 (Biotin) is essential for the synthesis of amino acids like lucine and isolucine and for the synthesis of fatty acids. The vitamin is also required for growth of cells, for healthy hair and skin and for optimizing blood sugar level. While a number of food sources can provide for adequate Biotin, some of the few having a greater amount of the vitamin are egg yolk, peanuts, liver, Swiss chard and other kinds of green leafy vegetables. [7]


8. Vitamin B9

The vitamin provides for growth and development of the body. It is also essential for the production of RBCs or Red Blood Cells. Both men and women need the vitamin for fertility reasons as well. Vitamin B12 also keeps the modern women alert and strong, and helps her in controlling anemia, memory loss and heart diseases. Best sources of the vitamin are milk, yogurt, fish, cheese and fortified cereals. [8]


9. Vitamin E

Women who want to stay young for long time periods and want to look beautiful should consume adequate amounts of the vitamin E each day. The vitamin can be easily found in a number of hair and skin products as it provides for better health of these body parts. The known antioxidant is also a regulator of enzymatic activity. Some of the abundant sources of the vitamin include olive oil, papayas, walnuts, avocados, Kiwifruit, cashew nuts, spinach (and other green leafy vegetables) and almonds. [9]


10. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is essential for good mental health, and women should consume it daily for a better memory and alertness. The medicine for depression also controls anemia, heart diseases and loss of memory. Foods of animal origin like milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs and fish contain the vitamin. [10]


Word Of Caution

Fruits, vitamins and whole grains are the best sources of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Their consumption does not cause Hypervitaminosis, a disease related to over-intake of vitamin, as they have balanced nutrient configuration. Women should only take a multivitamin after consulting a physician.