10 Best Natural Home Remedies For Children


10 Best Natural Home Remedies For Children

When it comes to children, it is always suggested to opt for natural home remedies wherever possible. Be it common cold, some kind of infection or even itchy skin or fever. Doing so will not only boost immunity, but is highly suggested for keeping harmful chemical laden medicines at bay. More than often, these remedies provide excellent results and should be tried out-

Here Are The 10 Best Natural Home Remedies For Children

Chicken Soup For Flu

If your kid is suffering from the flu or even a bad case of cough and cold, then it is best to offer them a cup of warm chicken soup. This soup is high on health and provides nourishment to the child. It is also good to taste and can be consumed easily. Drinking chicken soup helps fight signs of flu.

Chicken Soup

Holy Basil, Ginger And Honey For Cough And Cold

If your child is suffering from an acute case of cold and cough, give them the juice of 4-5 basil leaves, along with a 1 small spoon of ginger juice and one big spoon of honey. Mix together and give early in the morning. Doing so helps them to get the cough out and ease congestion too.

Holy Basil, Ginger And Honey For Cough And Cold

Milk And Turmeric For Night Cough

Night cough can take a toll on your child’s sleep and also causes acute discomfort. It is best to give your child a cup of warm milk mixed with about a spoon of turmeric powder. Doing so helps in easing the cough and reducing cough issues, which usually occur when lying down.

Milk And Turmeric

Coconut Water For Ailing Stomach

If your child suffers from stomach pain, loose motions and other related stomach issues then give them coconut water. It helps to control the motions, provides them with natural sugar and also helps to soothe the stomach.

Coconut Water

Apple Cider Vinegar For Antiseptic Benefits

If  your child has cut himself somewhere or the area seems to be bruised, then simply use apple cider vinegar, diluted in water. Doing so helps in de-infecting the area and provides respite almost immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Indian Lilac For Itchy Skin

The goodness of the Indian Lilac leaves are immense. You just need to add lots of the leaves in their bathing water and then let them bathe with the same. You can also apply a paste of the leaves on itchy and scratchy areas to provide respite.

Indian Lilac

Fennel With Sugar Candy For Stomach Pain

Acute stomach pain because of improper eating habits or also overeating tends to cause problems. Give your child some fennel leaves with sugar candy to munch on. This helps to improve digestion and soothes the pain too.

Fennel With Sugar Candy For Stomach Pain

Indian Gooseberry For Improving Immunity

Give your child at least 2-3 spoons of the Indian gooseberry juice every day on an empty stomach. To improve the taste, you can also add some salt to the same. Indian gooseberries are high on vitamins, especially vitamin C. This helps in boosting body functions and improves immunity.

Indian Gooseberry

Homemade Vapor Rub For Coughs, Cold And Pain

If your child is suffering from muscle pain, cold or cough, you can try massaging them on the particular areas with this vapor rub. Melt some beeswax and add tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, some camphor and clove oil to the same. Store in a clean jar.

Tea Tree Oil

Papaya For Constipation

Worried about too much chocolates and cheese causing constipation. Give your child some ripe papaya to eat before dinner. This improves bowel movements and prevents constipation issues.